Moguai Talks Revved-Up 'In N' Out' Collabo With Tommy Trash

German DJ tells MTV News of creating big new sound on song's re-edit to play for summer festival crowds.

EDM fans worldwide know [artist id="1931517"]Moguai[/artist] as one of the most diverse and prolific music-makers on deadmau5's Mau5trap label, an epicenter of EDM creativity.

MTV News caught up with the German DJ recently, and he gave us all the details on his latest album, MPire, and on his synth-centric collaboration with Tommy Trash called "In N' Out," including their revved up re-edit that's available on iTunes and is hovering high up on the Beatport charts.

"We did [the track] three and a half years ago in Germany. I know him only from touring of Australia, and in Germany or Europe nobody knew him at that time," Moguai told MTV News. "We did it, but it never came out. So I put it on the album, and right now it fits perfectly in the time."

Moguai said that "In N' Out" landing on his album is the kind of happy coincidence that always happens when DJs tour together. He added that including the track on his album was even more exciting after Trash had a huge year in 2011, with tracks like "The End" and "Cascade" becoming staples in DJ sets around the world.

"In N' Out" works well with MPire's melting pot of sound, which ranges from the quintessential progressive sound in "Lyme" to electro-house euphoria on the album's title track. Moguai told MTV News that they wanted to have a really big new sound on their edit of "In N' Out" for the huge festival crowds over the summer.

Moguai's adding more U.S. tour dates this summer. He'll be making his first summer tour stop on June 8 at Level in Kelowna, British Columbia. Then he's off to Chicago on June 9 to play Vision before hitting a plethora of festivals and nightclubs.

"I think EDM has found a new home here in America, but it's like the beginning, like hip-hop and R&B," he said. "It's a cultural thing right now. It won't disappear anymore."

Moguai has seen EDM grow into the mainstream in his native Germany, and he sees many parallels between the explosion of EDM in America and what Europe experienced nearly two decades ago.

"We had it in Germany," Moguai told MTV News. "We're still having it, but it feels like back in the days, back in the early '90s, you know, when we started with Love Parade and with the Mayday. It began with 500 people around Berlin, around Brandenburg, and from there the next year it was 5000, then 50,000, then 500,000, then 1.5 million, then 2 million, you know, and it grew up. [It] feels quite the same [energy] here."