Lana Del Rey Redeems Herself On NYC Stage

Out in support of her debut album Born to Die, singer made fans forget her infamous 'SNL' performance from earlier this year.

NEW YORK - As someone who was disappointed by Lana Del Rey's infamous "Saturday Night Live" performance yet thoroughly enjoyed every song on her debut alternative pop album, Born to Die, I am so excited to confirm, loud and proud, that Lana Del Rey can sing!

"How f---in' cool are you?" Lana smiled radiantly at her New York fans after nailing her opening number, "Blue Jeans." It's the same song that did not translate so well on the "SNL" stage that cold winter night. It was Lana who was "f---in' cool" as the screaming fans nearly drowned out her entire first of three sold-out shows at New York City's Irving Plaza Thursday night. She quickly followed with her brand-new, unreleased track "Body Electric," which melded a sad melody with a sensual undercurrent, rightfully declaring to entranced New Yorkers, "I'm on fire, baby, I'm on fire." It was fantastic and sure to be a fan favorite.

The songstress took the stage with a coy smile before she stuck her tongue out and began her short yet powerful 10-song set. Amid pitch-perfect performances of her hits including "Born to Die" and "Video Games," Lana finally seemed to be at home onstage.

"Oh, this old thing?" she whispered bashfully into her microphone after a stellar performance of "Carmen," transporting the audience back to an age when people came to shows hear a voice rather than see a spectacle à la Madonna, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. The stage was a spectacle of its own, covered in lush greenery including rose bushes and palm trees. Adorned in a sexy white dress and a bouffant hairstyle, Lana blended into the scene with a blue bird hair adornment on one side and a violet butterfly on the other.

She capped off the evening with a flawless rendition of her begging-to-be-a-single track "National Anthem," which brought the house into a screaming chorus and left everyone begging for more.

A job well done, Lana. Keep it coming.