Snooki Moves Out Of 'Jersey Shore' House

'They're starting to take those next steps into adulthood,' an MTV executive said of Snooki's new next-door digs.

The Smush Room is no place to raise a baby. That might explain why pregnant Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
 has moved out of the "Jersey Shore" house and into an adjacent space where she can focus on impending mommyhood.

"It's not a prison," MTV's executive VP of programming and head of production, Chris Linn told Entertainment Weekly about the legendary "Shore" house. "I know she's concerned about the perception of her being a pregnant woman in a party house. I think that's a common experience among a group of friends when somebody gets pregnant. This is an opportunity to see how she deals with it and how the rest of the house deals with it. The show has always been about following what's really happening in their lives."

That move is just one of the changes Linn said viewers will see when the sixth season of "Shore" hits the air. As Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino told MTV News in an exclusive interview, he's hitting the shore clean and sober for the first time and plans on making it out to the usual hotspots like Karma while keeping the partying to a minimum.

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is in a committed relationship with her beloved tattooed gorilla, Roger and Snooki's sidekick, Deena Cortese is spoken for as well.

"They're starting to take those next steps into adulthood," said Linn. "What's going to be different this season is how much their lives had changed."

The "Shore" kids made their Seaside Heights home-away-from-home last week after an 11-month hiatus, the longest in the show's history. And, after just a few days in the house, as promised, Snooki packed up her fuzzy slippers and beloved Crocodilly and moved next door.

Though it's the fighting, drinking and hook-ups that have made "Shore" an international sensation, Linn said producers are not worried about the big life changes their cast has gone through over the past year. "I don't think anybody expected Snooki to be the one to blaze that trail, but she is, and it's going to change the dynamic with everybody else," Linn said. "She's just as funny, if not funnier, than she's ever been."

Among the other changes: a planned skydiving excursion had to be scrapped due to Snooki's pregnancy, but executive producer SallyAnn Salsano said that doesn't mean we'll suddenly be watching Vinnie and Pauly D sitting around reading Proust and discussing the European financial crisis. She said the upcoming season will be "a different kind of entertaining," with lots of jokes about Snooki's pregnancy and Mike's sobriety.

"It's like a high school sex-ed video gone insane," she said.

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