Muse Move Toward Dubstep In Apocalyptic The 2nd Law Trailer

Band's brand-new teaser forecasts a whole new sound on their next album, due out in September

Muse will return this September with The 2nd Law, an album that — based on what we just saw — seemingly pushes their sound in a whole new direction: namely, dubstep.

That's based on a brand-new teaser trailer that the band premiered Wednesday (June 6), one filled with appropriately apocalyptic imagery (riot-torn streets, smoke-riddled landscapes, dour newscasters) and subtext (Industrialism! Capitalism! Terrorism!) and, of course, the now-familiar knotted electronics and wub-wub-wubbing basslines of dubstep.

And we're not the only ones who seem to be picking up on it, either. Since the trailer's premiere, fans have been flooding YouTube with comments that run the gamut from "Muse ... Dupstep ... WTF" to "Muse Dubstep? It'll be awesome because it's Muse" (can't argue with logic like that). The new direction also seems to be in keeping with what bassist Chris Wolstenholme told British mag NME back in March: "We feel like we are drawing a line under a certain period in our career ... it feels like it's time to do something radically different."

The 2nd Law is the follow-up to Muse's 2009 album The Resistance, and also reportedly features brass and strings, the latter of which were composed by the legendary David Campbell, who, in addition to being Beck's dad, has worked with Adele, Radiohead and Paul McCartney. In an interview with MTV News last year, frontman Matthew Bellamy — who at the time was expecting a child with actress Kate Hudson — joked that the new album would be kid-friendly, adding "I'll definitely get a lullaby on there."

There's still no official release date for the new album, though on Muse's website, the trailer is accompanied by a countdown clock, which is currently ticking toward September 17 (it also features the word "Entropy," which may be the first single off the album). A spokesperson for the band did not respond to MTV News' request for comment.