One Direction To Star In 3-D Concert Film?

Reports have 1D attached to a 3-D flick set to hit theaters next November, though details on the project are scarce.

Coming soon to a theater near you (maybe): It's 1D ... in 3-D!

Yes, according to a report in the British newspaper The Sun, One Direction are set to star in an eye-popping 3-D film that is slated to begin filming next year. Which means that very soon, 1D obsessives will be able to plumb the depths of Harry's dimples, explore the peaks of Niall's mane or slalom down Zayn's cheekbones ... all in three very life-like dimensions.

Of course, the plot of the film (as if it really matters) has yet to be determined, with The Sun reporting that it may either be a scripted comedy — "a camper in the style of old Monkees films," is how a source put it — or a documentary, featuring clips of the too-cute quintet in concert.

"It's early days, but it's something that their management and label are excited about," the source is quoted as saying. "All options are open, though they're unlikely to get cracking on shooting it until next year."

The still untitled (and unscripted) 1D film will reportedly hit theaters on November 8, 2013, and it is intended to be an answer to Justin Bieber's massively successful 3-D flick "Never Say Never," which surpassed Michael Jackson's "This Is It" to become the biggest concert film in U.S. history last year.

"U.S. film experts are speculating that the 1D film would be similar to Justin's movie and will be a big money-spinner for the boys," the source told The Sun.

Just how big of a, uh, "money-spinner" remains to be seen, though The Sun reported that the One Direction guys stand to make as much as $15 million each from the film. Of course, there's still no official word on the project, and a spokesperson for the band told MTV News that "nothing is confirmed at this stage and it's too early to confirm any further activity for 2013."

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