'Breaking Dawn - Part 2': The Best Movie Awards Tidbits

Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and producer Wyck Godfrey open up about the final installment, in 'Twilight' Tuesday.

Even though the 2012 MTV Movie Awards went down Sunday, we're still celebrating the action-packed party and all the big winners, which, unsurprisingly, included "Twilight" and its stars.

Thanks to the award love for "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," MTV News was lucky to have several encounters with the associated stars, producers and fans, from which we gleaned a few excellent teasers to keep our interest in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" decidedly piqued. As such, this week's "Twilight" Tuesday is dedicated to the best bits of teasery about the final film.

Leading lady Kristen Stewart said we should be looking forward to the film's change in tone and, of course, Bella's transition from human into nonhuman.

"It's so bizarre, the tone change. You've always been behind her. You've always been using her. She's how you see that world," Stewart said. "Now that her perspective has completely changed, it's like 'Where am I?' It's really cool. I, myself, am still a little bit shell-shocked. It's not like sitting down and watching a 'Twilight' movie."

Co-star Jackson Rathbone didn't have much to offer up in the form of specifics for his character Jasper Cullen, but he made up for it with his unabashed excitement for the film.

"Yes! Oh, man! I can't really talk about it, though. I'm not allowed to," Rathbone said. "If you just noticed, I went to a happy place and I think everybody's going to really love it. The littlest hints? It's awesome."

The best bit of intrigue came from Nikki Reed, who hinted at some pretty special vampire girl-on-big baddie fight sequences.

"Well, you never know what's going to end up in there," she said. "[But] there was a pretty kick-ass battle sequence that I did with two of the other girls that I think should be pretty cool, if they leave it in there. So I'm looking forward to that 'cause we trained for it for a while. [We did] a little fight training. It was me and Ashley [Greene] and Kristen, and we did this like three girls back-to-back thing where we beat up some huge dudes," she recalled. "That's always fun."

Last but certainly not least was a chance encounter with producer Wyck Godfrey who, unlike the cast, has seen the film several times already in post-production. Godfrey promised that we'll see our favorite characters meet their destinies, along with a hint about what to expect from the ending.

"For me, the last movie is all about closure and the characters finally coming fully into themselves about what their destinies are," Godfrey said. "Edward becoming, in a sense, the patriarch of the family; Bella becoming a mother and a vampire finally, which I think is truly the thing everyone wants to see. It is ultimately the closure of their lives. For those that have followed [the films] from beginning to end, there is a great final moment where you really get to re-live that entire the experience and I think that is something the fans can look forward to."

Jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, gut-busting moments galore. See what went down at the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards!

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