Kid Cudi Reveals New Album Title, Indicud

'It will be my version of The Chronic 2001,' Cudi tweeted on Tuesday.

Kid Cudi took to Twitter early Tuesday morning (June 5) to announce the title of his third full-length studio album: indicud. This will be the first taste of Cudi's music since 2011's WZRD.

"My new album is entitled indicud, it will be my version of The Chronic 2001, some songs i'll produce, others i'll feat &/or play songwriter," he tweeted.

To say that Cudi's professional career has been an exercise in innovation, creativity and controversy would be a serious understatement. In 2011, Cudder announced that Dream On, the record label he launched with producers Patrick "Plain Pat" Reynolds and Emile Haynie, was dissolving. Cudi was moving on to a new vision with his music, and taking his production efforts elsewhere. He told Complex magazine that they are still on good terms.

To further the evolution of this Kid named Cudi, he recently decided to completely abstain from all forms of drug use. We can speculate that this, among other things, could be a major theme on indicud.

WZRD was a collaborative effort with producer Dot da Genius. There was a significant amount of controversy surrounding its release, because many fans felt that Cudi should have stayed at Dream On with Plain Pat and Emile. Kid Cudi had a new vision, and he announced that WZRD would have a "rock band" type sound. Obviously, this was a giant turnaround from the formula that made him so successful on releases like the Man on the Moon series and A Kid Named Cudi.

WZRD debuted at #3 on the Billboard chart, and the newly formed duo (also called WZRD) told MTV News that they felt satisfied they had proved the naysayers wrong. The success of this album only stood to reinforce Cudi's trailblazing musical style.

Whether or not indicud will be the next Chronic remains to be seen, but we can be sure this album will be rife with the creativity that we've come to expect from Cudder.

A definitive date has yet to be set for the release of indicud, but there's little doubt that fans will be chomping at the bit for a chance to hear Cudi's new sound. Stay tuned to MTV News for all the latest news surrounding the release of this album.