Johnny Depp Follows Movie Awards Jam With Patti Smith Collaboration

He stole the show with the Black Keys, and now Depp appears on Banga, the latest album from the legendary Smith.

Following Johnny Depp's show-stealing session with the Black Keys at the MTV Movie Awards, we looked back at the Hollywood icon's rather lengthy rock and roll resumè, which includes recording with everyone from Oasis to Marilyn Manson and sharing the stage with legends like Alice Cooper and Keith Richards.

And now, Depp's only adding to that resumè by recording a song for punk poetess Patti Smith's brand new album, Banga.

Depp plays guitar and drums on the album's title track, and, in a new interview with Spinner, Smith explained just how the collaboration came to be ... and how she had to keep on him about meeting deadlines.

"My son is a very energetic guitar player [and he plays] on 'Banga.' Also Johnny Depp. In fact, in the opening of 'Banga,' it's all Johnny Depp," Smith said. "He's a friend of mine and he was filming 'Rum Diary' [when] I got the idea [for the song] in my head. I told Johnny 'I don't wanna forget this.' So he recorded me singing, like the first minute, I'm just singing a capella. Then Johnny said he would send it to me so I wouldn't forget.

"So I'm waitin' and waitin' and he didn't send it! I said 'Johnny, where's 'Banga'?" He said 'Oh, you'll get it," she continued. "And [when] I got it, he'd put drums, guitars, everything! So the first minute of the song is all me and Johnny Depp. What we did in the recording studio [was] the band listened to Johnny's track and then came in on the chorus."

Depp, as mentioned, has recorded as a musician for years. In 1995, his band P — a collaboration with Butthole Surfers' frontman Gibby Haynes — released a self-titled album that featured guest appearances by Flea and the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones, and he's also played on albums like Oasis's Be Here Now and Manson's Born Villain. His latest contribution, on Smith's Banga, is in stores Tuesday.

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