'Dark Knight Rises': Batman And Catwoman's Movie History

MTV News looks back at the ever-evolving relationship between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne.

The more we see from "The Dark Knight Rises," the more we get excited about seeing Christopher Nolan's take on the always complex Batman-Catwoman dynamic.

Catwoman's — excuse us — Selina Kyle's relationship with the Caped Crusader is an ever-evolving one, and based on the new footage that aired during the MTV Movie Awards, this next chapter in their shared history won't be one to miss.

So in anticipation of the next meeting of the Bat and the Cat, we're taking a look back at their relationship outside the comics and its many forms.

"Batman" (1966-1968)

The often-mocked Batman series starring Adam West was a lot of things, but "nuanced" was not one of them. As a result, Batman's relationship with Catwoman didn't get much deeper than being vaguely sexually charged, but mostly in one direction. Selina Kyle as played by Julie Newmar says that Batman once saved her life and she has since developed feelings for him, but West's Bruce Wayne was pretty unflappable in his principles, never fully reciprocating.

"Batman Returns" (1992)

Michelle Pfeiffer donned the stitched-up latex suit for her portrayal in Tim Burton's second Batman film. Her Selina Kyle naturally took on more of a Gothic dimension, where she essentially dies in the beginning of the film and is then resurrected. Bruce Wayne and Kyle begin a romantic relationship that eventually falls apart once they each discover the other's true identity. Pfeiffer's Catwoman plants herself more firmly on the side of the bad guy than later iterations, but the sexual tension between Bruce and Selina still rings faithful.

"Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1995)

One of the most widely respected adaptations of Batman, the '90s animated series brought about the most complex vision of Catwoman to date and the one that seems most in line with Nolan's upcoming version. In the series, Selina is a notorious cat burglar with shifting allegiances with Batman. From episode to episode, her relationship with Batman could shift wildly, but there was always room for her to swing back into his good graces.

"The Dark Knight Rises" (2012)

While it's impossible to say until we've seen the actual movie, the trailers and especially the MTV Movie Awards footage we've seen from "The Dark Knight Rises" colors Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle as more of an ally to Batman than anything else. Bruce seems to have his romance with Miranda Tate to keep him busy in that regard, but the playful nature of Bruce and Selina's interactions have us dying to see more.

Jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, gut-busting moments galore. See what just happened at the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards!