Nick Cannon Plans To 'Flip' More Fairy Tales Following 'Rags'

'I thought it'd be a cool way to do classic fairy tales that are hip-hop,' Cannon tells MTV News.

Nick Cannon recently produced "Rags," the Nickelodeon adaptation of "Cinderella," which flipped the script on the traditional tale by featuring a guy in the role of Cinderella and a hipper soundtrack produced by the likes of Rodney Jerkins.

Cannon would like to explore the modernization of fairy tales a bit more on the network. In fact, it's been a dream of his for over a decade now to put his spin on these stories and add some modern swagger. "It was one of those things, I actually created and wrote this story for myself a long time ago," he told MTV News about "Rags." "I was about 18, 19 years old and I wanted to create this series for Nickelodeon. It was hip-hop fairy tales and for just different reasons, things got postponed 'cause of my schedule. And once I became the chairman of TeenNick, I wanted to keep these ideas going 'cause I thought it was really cool.

"I thought it'd be a cool way to do classic fairy tales that are hip-hop," he added. "And so, I kind of recharged it when I became an executive."

Noting that "Rags" is just the beginning, he said that he wants to make these stories "for today's generation," adding, "Everybody loves a 'Cinderella' story and 'Cinderfella' could be just as hot [like in 'Rags']. And it just makes sense and I feel like this is going to be the first of these fairy-tale flips. I was always a fan of 'The Wiz' and all of that type stuff."

Much like "Rags," future adaptations will "turn it urban," and Cannon already has one idea cooking. "The next one I want to do is 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and it's called 'Cool Beans,' " he shared before elaborating on what the story would be about.

"This kid is made fun of for his whole high school career and he goes and does a silly thing and uses the money his mom made up to go pay the bills and buy these magical beans that are supposed to make him cool," he said. "And, literally, he does and he becomes the most popular kid in school because of these beans."

While it might be a while before "Cool Beans" gets the green light, Cannon can't wait to get these adaptations going. "It's been a minute since there was something like this for the kids to appreciate, but it's still cool enough for the entire family to enjoy," he said. "I think it's the thing that fairy tales never really go away. Everybody loves a great fairy-tale story. Even when you think of movies, they pretty much steal the plot from fairy tales anyways. It's just one of those things that's embedded into our culture that we just love a great story, a classic story as well."

Cannon also recently shared that he is working on an animated project with his wife, superstar Mariah Carey. It will also delve into the fantasy/fairy-tale realm.

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