Kristen Stewart 'So Proud' Of Fan Reaction To 'Snow White'

Co-star Chris Hemsworth tells MTV News fans' approval is the 'biggest pat on the back.'

We already know that Kristen Stewart had at least two reasons to be in a great mood during and after Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards: two more tubs of golden popcorn for "Twilight" and the smashing success of her latest film, "Snow White and the Huntsman."

The Rupert Sanders-directed flick, which also starred Charlize Theron as the evil Queen Ravenna and Sam Claflin as the charming Prince William, debuted at #1 at the box office this weekend after raking in $56.3 million domestically, marking the fourth-largest opening of 2012.

When MTV News caught up with Stewart and her co-star Chris Hemsworth after they presented the award for Best Female Performance, we asked them for reactions to the film's positive reviews and overall reception among fans.

"Yeah, it was a relief, wasn't it?" Hemsworth said. "The thing is, people love the movie, the fans are excited about it, that's the biggest pat on the back, that's the biggest reward."

Stewart agreed, adding that she would have been proud of the film regardless of its reception.

"I really dig this one so much. Like [Hemsworth] said, we're very proud," she said. "It could have done nothing and we'd still be proud of it, so it's cool that people sort of raised their hands and are like, 'I like it too!' It's sort of like, 'Really?' "

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