Ciara Reveals 'Fresh' Team-Ups On One Woman Army

R&B princess also says that the album's first single, 'Sweat,' should be 'arriving at any second.'

Ciara had been revealing exclusive details about her red-hot upcoming album One Woman Army to MTV News in the lead-up to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, and the trend continued apace on the red carpet before Sunday's telecast, as the R&B songbird opened up about the producers she's been in the studio with and exactly when we can expect her new single, "Sweat."

"It really is just me pouring my heart into the record, and I think my fans deserve that. I really had to be in a comfortable place, and I really am and I'm excited about it," Ciara told MTV News. "That's the beauty of music. Music is like really being able to express yourself. I wanted to make sure that I expressed myself in the best way that I could, and I let the music also be a healing process for me at points. There's a lot of happy moments as well, so that's what it's about. That's music."

She continued, "You laugh, you cry, you dance, you love, you hurt, you feel all kinds of things. That's the beauty of music."

While she was at first reluctant to open up too much about the producers she's been working with, saying only that the sound of One Woman Army is "all about the new movement" and that she "worked with some people that are very fresh," she eventually caved and gave MTV a few more "beans" (as she's been calling them), revealing that she's been recording with long-time collaborator Tricky Stewart ("Ride") as well as the Underdogs duo Harvey Mason Jr. and Damon Thomas.

"Of course, the obvis, Tricky, he's a part of my Epic family. We worked together," Ciara revealed. "And Harvey and Damon, it's our first time together and what we did was so special. They actually produced the title track, 'One Woman Army,' I can tell you that."

Mason Jr. and Thomas were hugely successful producers independently before coming together to form the Underdogs. Mason Jr. has won six Grammys writing and producing tracks for artists as varied as Justin Timberlake, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson, while Thomas was formerly a songwriting and production partner for Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, working on songs like Dru Hill's "These are the Times" and Pink's "Most Girls." Together as the Underdogs, the pair scored Grammy and Oscar nominations for the work on the "Dreamgirls" soundtrack and recently found success working with Chris Brown on his dance track "Turn Up the Music."

"I worked with some people that are very fresh, which I'm excited about," Ciara continued. "When it comes to artists, when it comes to writers, when it comes to producers, I really wanted to push. We pretty much reached out and worked with a lot of people that I've never worked with before, which is really fun."

Between Stewart and the Underdogs, on paper it seems like Ciara's Army is in pretty good hands, but the music will be speaking for itself soon enough, if the dance music princess has her way.

"The new single could be another treat on that record. Besides it being called 'Sweat,' there may be another goodie on there," she said. "If I check my skin clock it may be arriving at any second maybe. It's time to sweat."

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