Johnny Depp Honored With MTV Generation Award At Movie Awards

Before accepting the award, Depp joined the Black Keys onstage to perform 'Gold on the Ceiling.'

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Talk about a grand entrance. Aerosmith rock gods Steven Tyler and Joe Perry walked onto the MTV Movie Awards stage to congratulate a "truly revolutionary artist," an actor who has become a rock star in his own right.

Johnny Depp was the recipient of the MTV Generation Award, joining the prestigious ranks of Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood and Godzilla. Depp joined the Black Keys on stage to perform a rousing rendition of "Gold on the Ceiling" before going on to accept his award.

"I've got to thank MTV for this. This is quite an amazing honor, truly. It's like the Get-Out-Of-The-Business Award, 'All right, you've done too much.' Clearly, based on the clips, there's nothing wrong with me," Depp said when he received his Golden Popcorn. "I just thank you very much. And it's an honor to be presented by these two legends, Steve and Joe, and these up and coming legends, [The Black Keys], so thank you very much."

This has been a big year for Depp. "21 Jump Street" was nominated for six MTV Movie Awards, including one for Depp himself. In addition, he reunited on the big screen with Tim Burton to create their passion project, "Dark Shadows."

But the Generation Award is less about Depp's last year and more about his legacy. From when we first saw him die brutally in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" to when he won us over as Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean," we've known he was a star worthy of our attention.

Next year will be big for the three-time Golden Popcorn winner as well. We're excited to see him transform onscreen yet again, but this time as sidekick Tonto in Gore Verbinski's take on "The Lone Ranger." And there's always the planned fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and inevitable reunion with Burton to look forward to in the future.

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