WATCH: 'Hunger Games': Stars Who Didn't Make The Final Cut Revealed!

In this 'After Hours,' Elizabeth Banks explains why Chris Colfer, Chloë Moretz and others never made it to the big screen.

"The Hunger Games" is nominated in several categories, including Best Movie, at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards tonight (June 3). Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and the rest of the cast have surely gotten massive career boosts from the runaway success of the box-office phenomenon. We can only imagine, then, how badly some of the actors who didn't make the cut must feel.

What sort of choices did they make in their own careers that caused filmmakers to excise them from the flick? Elizabeth Banks, of course, won the coveted role of Effie Trinket. In this exclusive MTV "After Hours" episode, the "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and "40 Year Old Virgin" veteran revealed some never-before-seen footage to MTV News.

"It was an amazing experience [making 'The Hunger Games']. We had such a great cast. But, you know, there were so many really great actors who had to be cut because of time," Banks explained. "We had to cut some people out of the film. It's not because they were terrible in the film."

Certainly, the army of "Gleeks" would have loved to have seen Chris Colfer in "The Hunger Games," right? Chloë Grace Moretz turned up in last month's "Dark Shadows" but who's to say she couldn't have had time in her schedule for the "Games" a little before? This previously lost footage reveals how, for instance, Jeanne-Claude Van Damme would have approached a role in "The Hunger Games." (Here's a hint: It doesn't involve a shirt.)

"Actors make choices; that's what we do. Unfortunately, there are some actors who make really, really bad choices," Banks said.

"New Girl" star Max Greenfield really gave his performance his all, from what this "After Hours" footage revealed. Colfer tried more than one approach to the line "I volunteer!" Moretz had her own ideas about the movie's subject matter and ?uestlove had a great character name. Vinny Guadagnino, from MTV's own "Jersey Shore," had some unique ideas, as did singer Robin Thicke. Clark Gregg from "The Avengers?" Creative, as well.

"There was a bit of improv. Some would say too much," Banks said. "I would say that."

"Of course, I'm so proud of this film," she added. "Mostly, I'm proud that the editor cut all the deadweight."

Check out this unearthed footage cut from "The Hunger Games" and then judge for yourself whether it should have stayed in the movie.

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