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From the red carpet to the closing credits, we've got you covered.

Power to the popcorn! The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are here, and we've got every angle covered — from the red carpet to backstage and beyond, and this live blog is your golden ticket to all the behind-the-scenes action.

What exactly can you expect tonight? Well, we can't give away all of our secrets, but expect a brand-new episode of "Punk'd," a glimpse at "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" trailer, a never-before-seen look at "The Dark Knight Rises" and a sneak at Katy Perry's concert flick.

Yeah, we're seriously packed!

So pop up some popcorn, pull up your comfiest chair and hit refresh often for all the scoop you won't see on T.V.

11:04 And that's a wrap, folks. Lots of love for lots of different movies this year ... gotta say, we're pretty happy with the outcome. What did you guys think? Hit us up in the comments section or on Twitter to let your voice be heard, and we'll see you next year for another round of Movie Awards mayhem!

11:02 Shocker! All that love for "Hunger Games" and "Potter" and it's "Breaking Dawn" that walks away with the Movie of the Year award!

10:56 "A girl's gotta eat." "And you have an appetite." "Don't be shy." "Let the games begin." "He's behind you." "Who?" "Me." "Oh boy, you are in for a show tonight, son!" "What do you know about him?" "That you should be as afraid of him as I am." Dudes ... "The Dark Knight" has risen, and we are spent.

10:53 "The final chapter of the 'Dark Knight' has been written," says a very emotional Christian Bale. "Only one man could have made this film. Only one man can present it to you tonight." The real star of the show ... Christopher Nolan!

10:50 "Mankind needs heroes. But sometimes the legend of the hero is more important than the hero himself." The "Dark Knight Rises" cast is here, being wonderfully dramatic, with the bat-suit behind them.

10:43 Emma Stone accepts the first annual Trailblazer award. John Candy, The Beatles, J.D. Salinger, and Cameron Crowe are among her many personal creative trailblazers. "I kind of feel like I live in a van down by the river right now, but I'm deeply touched and grateful right now." A decidedly unfunny Emma ... but sentimental works well, too.

10:40 Wow. Lots of... uh... "love" for Emma?

10:38 Speaking of abs, we spy with our little eyes Taylor Lautner backstage!

10:36 Elizabeth Banks versus Joe Mangianello's abs. May the odds be ever in her favor.

10:34 "Alright, alright, alright!" Matty M and Magic Mike himself, and Channing is having a hard time keeping his shirt on. Pretty sure he'd read better without it, but that's just our opinion...

10:30 Another for "Potter," as Harry claims Best Hero over Katniss! "Hunger Games" three, "Potter" two! We have ourselves a race!

10:28 Yeah! "Potter" for Best Cast! Emma Watson shouts out Hedwig and Dobby! Amazing! #nerdingout

10:25 "Hunger Games," three. "Potter," zero. Hard not to be happy for Mr. Ludwig (a much more affable man in real life than the cruel and cunning Cato), even if Harry's showdown with Voldemort was over a decade in the making...

10:23 Charlize Theron kicks Fassbender's ass on stage? Man, he really can't win tonight.

10:21 Step aside, Katniss and Hawkeye: Joel McHale is the archer of the year. Also, did anyone look past J.J. Abrams' shoulder? A little bit of "Star Trek" teasery goodness, anyone?

10:12 Gutsy artist, gutsy musician who works in the back room of the soul ... if better words have ever been said about Johnny, we haven't heard 'em.

10:08 Whoa ... the Black Keys and Johnny Depp? Forget Burton/Bonham Carter, these are his new best collaborators!

10:05 Not going to lie ... Johnny Depp's old enough for a Generation Award? Man, we are getting old!

10:02 Our man Sway has a hell of a view of the stage. Follow him on Twitter and see everything he's seeing!

9:57 "Rob's not here you guys. I don't know what to do," said a freshly victorious Kristen Stewart, Best-Kiss winner, who lived up to Rob's promise to kiss herself if she won. Nicely done, KStew, but seriously ... lame on you, Hemsworth and Theron!

9:54 And we officially know a whole lot more about Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg than we ever, ever needed to.

9:50 Hell of a job by Wiz, who told us backstage: "It felt great! It felt great!" We bet it felt great -- he just got in from Dallas an hour ago!

9:43 And here he is, eternal party dude Charlie Sheen. His life has been a party movie, so he's certainly in a position to give "Project X" an Instant Cult Classic award.

9:41 "Hunger Games," two. "Potter," zip. Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Female! She's not in the house, but she thanked her fans from her latest film set in Prague. "I can't eat this," she mourned of her Golden Popcorn.

9:37 It's because Harry lost, Eric! That's her boy! Of course, there's still Best Hero in the mix...

9:32 Josh Hutcherson, alias Peeta, takes home Best Male Performance. "Hunger Games," one. "Potter," zero. Pretty sure this is the first of many Hutcherson wins in the years to come...

9:30 MTV's Eric Ditzian reports from behind the scenes...

9:27 While we're on a commercial break, why not watch that "Perks" trailer again? Because that's what we're doing!

9:25 The first stunner of the night (as far as awards go, at least) is Shailene Woodley of "The Descendants" for Breakthrough Performance! She has less tattoos and piercings than Rooney Mara, but is no less deserving. Nicely done!

9:22 The first of our epic superhero moments, starting with "The Amazing Spider-Man" himself, Andrew Garfield and leading lady (and soon-to-be Trailblazer) Emma Stone. And she's making Andrew severely uncomfortable. Aaand we love her.

9:17 We'll echo Mr. Hutcherson's reminder: you can still vote for Movie of the Year! Go here!

9:14 Hey, person in the audience who harassed Mila Kunis ... even if Jennifer Aniston has the award, you are the biggest on-screen dirt-bag.

9:12 Wow, 12 minutes in and Brand's already looking for a new bride. "Brandbender" has a certain ring to it...

9:11 Ah, the truth comes out. Brand's only here to promote the film "Rock of Ages." It's okay Russell, we're still happy to have you here, crude "mother nature" jokes and all.

9:09 Good news, Mr. Horowitz, you didn't have the most "Shame"-less Fassmember dig of the evening. That belongs to Russell, who never noticed Fassbender's "huge, engorged talent as I was staring at his massive" aaaand we'll stop there.

9:06 "'Twilight'! 'Hunger Games'! These words generate good will!" Looks like Brand is taking Andy Samberg's advice, and it's working!

9:05 Welcome to our host, Russell Brand, looking more like a "Star Wars" bounty hunter than ever. He's even giving post-apocalyptic advice. Sci-fi fans and zombie nerds for the win!

9:04 And look! Even Fassbender (and, presumably, Prometheus) is having Fun. ...

9:01 Alright! It's showtime, and we are officially having Fun.! (With a period and an exclamation point!)

8:56 Did Andrew Garfield purposely wear a short-sleeve button-up just so we could stare at his biceps? Regardless, THANK YOU.

8:55 One word: LOVE. What did you guys think of the "Perks of Being a Wallflower" trailer? Weigh in in the comments!


8:53 We agree, Emma Watson. Ryan Gosling IS SO HOT.

8:49 "Perks" trailer coming up after the break! Stick close, kids.

8:48 Who has your favorite red-carpet look so far? Check out our entire fashion gallery!

8:42 KStew sighting! What do you guys think of her sparkly silver dress?

#MovieAwards Red Carpet: Kristen Stewart looks AMAZING, no? on Twitpic

8:40 Is "Prometheus" the name of Michael Fassbender's penis? I DON'T THINK WE'LL EVER KNOW FOR SURE.

8:37 "I think she would be great to be punk'd." --Sway on Kim Kardashian. Truer words, my friend. Truer words.

#MovieAwards Red Carpet: Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum! on Twitpic

8:35 Channing Tatum! ...In a shirt, unfortunately.

8:33 AGGGHHHHH! This Katy Perry movie looks so good. Who's excited?

8:30 Another womb reference from "Rock of Ages" star Julianne Hough. It's catching.

8:29 Josh is giving us a first look at the Movie Awards stage: "I'm going back through the birth canal." Seriously, Josh says these things, I don't.

8:27 Kat has Charlize Theron on the red carpet. The "Snow White and the Huntsman" star says she tries not to be trendy. But girl looks HOT in her little red frock.

#MovieAwards Red Carpet: Charlize Theron on Twitpic

8:22 Josh Hutcherson and Elizabeth Banks are with Sway! Elizabeth says if she could save only one "Hunger Games" co-star from a zombie it'd be Jennifer Lawrence. "I want to be the savior of Katniss," she says. DON'T WE ALL.

#MovieAwards Red Carpet: Elizabeth Banks on Twitpic

8:21 All-black-clad Logan Lerman is excited about the Black Keys performing. Way to color coordinate, dude!

8:21 Josh Horowitz is in the innards. His words, not mine!

8:19 WOW! This episode of "Punk'd" is intense. Poor, Drake.

8:17 We'll volunteer as tribute any day if it means getting to hang with J. Hutch! In a hat!

#MovieAwards Red Carpet: More Hunger Games plz, thx. on Twitpic

8:14 Don't forget you can still vote for your Best Hero on the Twitters. Find out how here!

8:13 Poll: Which first look are you most excited to see tonight? Sound off in the comments below!

8:09 Speaking of Emma Watson, well, she's here! Looking totally poised! We'd expect nothing less from our erstwhile Hermione Granger.

#MovieAwards Red Carpet: Emma Watson, swoon.  on Twitpic

8:08 We have our first "Twilight" star: Nikki Reed! She's with hubby Paul McDonald, and they're all lovey dovey. *sigh*

8:06 Also on deck? "Perks of Being a Wallflower" star Logan Lerman. He, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller will be presenting the film's first trailer so, so soooon. Stay tuned for that!

8:04 We just spotted "Pretty Little Liars" cutie Lucy Hale and BF Chris Zylka on the red carpet. Lucy's sporting a loverly Catherine Malandrino frock.

8:03 And an all-new episode of "Punk'd" with Ashton Kutcher (and his trucker hat) starts now!

8:01 "Vampire Diaries" star and Special Style Correspondent Kat Graham looks fierce in her black gown. She's making the deep-V happen.

8:00 We're at the limo drop-off with Sway...and Andy Samberg. "I'm just gonna work on my bod," Adam says of his post-"SNL" plans. We'll patiently wait for his "Magic Mike 2" cameo.

8:00 Here we go, here we go! Welcome to the MTV Movie Awards red carpet! We've got an hour until the main show starts, but in the meantime, we're taking you on the scene where the stars are arriving in droves.

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are officially under way! Stick with MTV News for minute-by-minute coverage, and don't forget to go to MovieAwards.MTV.com to cast your vote for Best Movie!