Andy Samberg Will Miss 'So Many Things' About 'SNL'

'I'll definitely miss ... being able to do comedy on such a storied show,' Samberg tells MTV News about his 'Saturday Night Live' exit.

Andy Samberg's announcement that he'll no longer be a part of "Saturday Night Live" starting next season surprised precisely no one. The comedian's possible exit had been rumored for months, with buzz recently reaching a boiling point thanks to the closing lyrics of "Lazy Sunday 2," his final Digital Short: "On these New York streets I hone my fake rap penmanship/ That's how it began, and that's how I'mma finish it."

But even though Samberg is walking away after a seven-season run, don't think the comedian arrived at the decision easily. MTV News spoke with Samberg and his co-star (and fellow "SNL" alum) Adam Sandler as they promoted "That's My Boy," and the Lonely Island artist revealed that there's a lot he'll miss about working on the show, his colleagues most of all.

"The people and the friends, definitely," Samberg told MTV News ahead of the Movie Awards on Sunday night. "I've been saying it a lot — I'm going to miss all of my friends and the people I work with. I love them all so much, and I'm hoping to stay in touch with them."

That said, Samberg feels very strongly about the choice to depart the New York-based late-night comedy series.

"Over seven years, that show is like — and [Sandler] knows — it's like going to war or being on a sports team," he said. "It's just everyone working towards this common goal at full speed. When you lift your head up from that and go out into the world, you kind of realize, you'll always be nicely shell-shocked in a way that only the people who did it with you can understand. I'll definitely miss having such an amazing outlet and being able to do comedy on such a storied show that everyone pays attention to, but ... "

"But now you can do it on YouTube," Sandler interrupted.

"Right," Samberg laughed. "Now it's straight to YouTube."

Sandler, like Samberg, certainly knows what it's like to walk away from "SNL." After leaving the show in 1995, he found enormous success through movies like "Billy Madison," "Happy Gilmore" and many more. With Sandler's many achievements in mind, we asked the Happy Madison founder what he thought of Samberg's decision to say "so long" to Saturday night.

"He's doing it all right," said the comedian. "This guy cares about being a good person first, and I love that about him. He's a hard-working fool when he wants to be, and he's really a smart, talented and great guy. I know he's going to do everything he wants to do.

"I was aggressive back in the day. I was driven and needed to get my movies made and blah blah blah. He's less nutty about it," Sandler continued. "He's a very passionate and smart guy who knows about what should come first, and that's life. Right? Something like that?"

"Yeah," Samberg enthusiastically replied. "Right!"

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