Justin Bieber Nursing Eyebrow Injury After Concussion

'I got into a fight with glass window yesterday and in result I can't move my eyebrow,' he says in a new video message from Paris.

Justin Bieber told fans Thursday that despite bumping into a glass wall and getting a concussion, he felt "fine." Well, one day after the incident in Paris, the singer posted a video message noting that he has encountered one minor setback on his road to recovery.

"I got into a fight with glass window yesterday and in result I can't move my eyebrow. There's no wrinkles on this side. How weird is that? It's the weirdest thing. Some weird stuff going on there," he said, laughing as the video ended.

On Friday afternoon (June 1), Bieber must have been feeling better despite the eyebrow injury as he took to a balcony in Paris to put on an impromptu concert. According to Reuters, he used a megaphone as he serenaded fans who gathered near the Pantheon monument in the Latin Quarter.

In the lead-up to the performance, Bieber tweeted the address and wrote that he was "moving a little slower today and running a little late. PARIS I will see u soon on that balcony #WithDanKanter," Bieber's musical director and lead guitarist.

So did he think the show went well? "Loved singing with all of you #WithDanKanter - just like old times."

In addition to performing in Paris, Bieber also planned to check out Jay-Z and Kanye West 's show on Friday night. "#BiebasInParis #WATCHTHETHRONE #PARIS #LEGGO."

Also, Bieber had this reminder for fans who may have forgotten he's dropping an album this month: "#June19th #18Days #BELIEVE."

When MTV News caught up with Bieber before Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, he threw all his support behind multi-nominee "Bridesmaids." "I just think it was funny. It's kind of like the female version of 'The Hangover,' " he said.

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