Lady Gaga's New Album Will Be 'Insane'

'Look out for the unexpected when it comes to her,' Gaga's co-manager says of the follow-up to Born This Way.

If there's one positive that Lady Gaga fans can take from her decision to cancel a June 3 concert in Indonesia, perhaps it's this: at least she'll have more time to work on her album.

Yes, though she's currently in the midst of a two-year world tour, Gaga is already hard at work on the follow-up to 2011's Born This Way and, according to her co-manager, she's going to push the boundaries even further this time around (which is sure to please those Indonesian Islamic groups).

"There's a lot of work to come, [I'm] very excited about it," Vincent Herbert revealed in a new interview with website That Grape Juice. "[It's] just [an] insane, great record. She's on tour right now, but it's just going to be a great record. Look out for the unexpected when it comes to her. We're doing it on the road right now, so it's a little hard, but it's going to be great."

Herbert wouldn't reveal specifics — tentative release date, title, who she's been working with, etc. — about the new album, but the news that she's recording on the road is actually in keeping with the way she began work on Born This Way, when standout tracks like "Marry The Night" took shape with producer Fernando Garibay during her long-running Monster Ball Tour.

"I just kind of got on the American leg of the tour ... and she goes, 'I want to write another song that can define where I'm at with this album and my life,' " Garibay told MTV News last year. "I go back to the studio bus; I'm just working on parts ... and then, two hours later, she comes offstage and she goes, 'Do you have something to play me?' And I go, 'I do, actually.'

"So I played her the instrumental for 'Marry the Night,' and she goes, 'Open up a mic,' " Garibay continued. "She starts laying down the whole song, like, off the cuff ... right off the stage, using the energy of that crowd and going into the studio, it was amazing. I can't compare it to anything."

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