‘American Idol’ Teaches Joshua Ledet The Power Of ‘No’

'Throughout this competition, I grew a backbone,' Ledet says of his third-place finish and his plans for a post-'Idol' album.

Despite receiving heaps of hyperbolic praise throughout his run on “American Idol” — like, for example, when he was dubbed “one of the best singers ever on the show”Joshua Ledet wasn’t angry when he was booted in the week leading up to the “Idol” finale. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“I was happy that I finished third; all the stress was gone from me. I felt relieved that I didn’t have to worry about competing, or learning any more songs … I was really, really relieved after getting voted off,” Ledet told MTV News. “Just being on a schedule every day, knowing what you’re going to do throughout the whole day, at the exact time, was ridiculous. We would literally go by the schedule. It was tough, rehearsing, learning the songs, doing press, photo shoots, all these different things, all in one day. … I don’t even think celebrities do that much in one day.”

And while he might have had some issues with the rather frantic “Idol” schedule, Ledet had none with the guy who ended up winning this season, Phillip Phillips, whom he said “deserved” to be crowned champion — even if, like much of America, Ledet knew it was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

“He’s not the kind of person to let people make decisions for him, he stands his ground and does his own thing. I think his career will be great,” he said. “I kinda knew in the back of my head that it was going to be Phillip, because his fans are ridiculous.”

Ledet added that he’d like to emulate Phillips’ attitude when it comes time to make his post-“Idol” album — something that, before he competed on the show, seemed an impossibility for the shy Louisiana native. But now, thanks to his tremendous run and all that praise, Ledet’s ready to make the kind of album he wants to, and on his own terms.

“I think throughout this competition, I grew a backbone, and I learned how to say ’no.’ And I think when that time comes, to where I’m sitting in a room with a whole bunch of people deciding what my album’s going to be like, I think I’ll be strong enough to say ’no’ to some things and ’yes’ to things that I really want,” Ledet smiled. “And when they say ’no,’ I’ll say ’yes’ if I really like it. … Growing a backbone throughout this competition really helped me and got me in the shape I need to be in. … It’s the best thing I took from ’American Idol.'”

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