Drake's Deal With The Weeknd 'Being Worked Out'

'What counts to me is the fact that the affiliation is so known,' Drizzy tells MTV News of fellow Toronto artist.

The Weeknd has a ton of fans, but Drake may be the biggest fan of them all. Of course, there is some bias: Drizzy embraced the Toronto singer last year and has since worked with him on fan favorites like "Crew Love," "The Ride" and "The Zone."

The two have even brought their respective OVO and XO cliques together to form OVOXO. So what's the real deal with Drake and the Weeknd?

"As far as on paper, it's all being worked out, but that's not really what counts anyway. What counts to me is the fact that the affiliation is so known, and that's all I really care about," Drake told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway during his May 17 tour stop in Houston.

The Young Money star didn't shed much light on the Weeknd's career, but then again, since the release of his breakout mixtape House of Balloons last year, the singer has been shrouded in mystery. Though he performed at Coachella last month and embarked on his own solo tour, the Weeknd has yet to give a definitive interview or released very many music videos. Still, Drake recognizes the magic they create together and whether or not he actually signs his Toronto running mate, he insists there will always be a union of some sort.

"I want to continue being involved in his career and vice versa and keep making music together, because you take songs like 'Crew Love' and 'The Zone,' that's what people wait all night to hear," he said.

Drizzy welcomed the "Wicked Games" vocalist onstage to perform with him during his Concord, California, stop in the Bay Area at the beginning of May. "If you want to talk about evolution — a quick evolution — that's definitely somebody who, everywhere I go, they love him," he said. "They're that loud every single night when I say the Weeknd's name and when he came out at the show in the Bay, it was crazy.

"We're definitely a family," Drake added. "It's definitely a Toronto thing. That's not changing at all."

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