Bobby Brown Trusts Bobbi Kristina Won't Repeat His Mistakes

'She's smart enough to not go down the same road that I did in the past or her mother did in the past,' he tells MTV News.

Bobby Brown is no stranger to controversy. Though there are always rumors and speculation surrounding the Bad Boy of R&B, Brown is very clear about one thing: his love for Bobbi Kristina, his daughter with the late Whitney Houston.

"That's my baby girl. She'll forever be my baby girl. She's doing what she's doing, and I'm extremely proud of her," Brown told MTV News correspondent Sway on Tuesday (May 29). "She's acting and she's working on music and she's doing what she has to do to recover from her loss — our loss."

The New Edition singer is readying the release of his first solo album in 14 years. The Masterpiece, as he titled it, is due out June 5 and will come four months after the death of his ex-wife.

It has been tough for Bobby and his daughter. In February, the same month her mother passed away, Bobbi Kris was rushed to the hospital and treated for anxiety. There have been reports of drug abuse, but her dad chalked it up to just a phase.

"Any parent that has a teenager in their life, they go through things. They go through phases that they might not be doing exactly what you want them to do in life, but they grow out of it, and my baby girl has grown out of it," he said confidently. "I trust and believe that she's smart enough to not go down the same road that maybe I did in the past or her mother did in the past. She's extremely smart."

Brown insisted that there is nothing that can come in the way of his love for his daughter, not even rumors that she wants to change her last name to Houston to distance herself from her pop. "She can't change her last name, her name is her name. She'll forever be known as Bobbi Kristina Brown. There's no changing that, there's no taking that back," he assured.

The hardened singer simply gushed, thinking back to the Billboard Music Awards when his baby girl gave a speech honoring her mother. "I saw her speech and, of course, she's just beautiful, you want to keep looking at her," he said proudly.