Jimi Hendrix Reincarnated By Andre 3000 In Biopic Photos

Photos leaked online show Andre in full Hendrix regalia for the long-awaited biopic 'All Is by My Side.'

André 3000 (or as he's known when acting, AndréBenjamin) always seemed like the perfect choice to portray legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix in the biopic we always knew was coming, "All Is by My Side." He passionately campaigned for the film to get made, and there's at least a resemblance between Hendrix and the Outkast member.

With production finally underway in Ireland, we now don't have to rely on our imagination to picture Benjamin as Hendrix anymore. New paparazzi photos appeared online on Tuesday (May 29) showing Benjamin in full Hendrix regalia with an outfit straight out of 1966 and an afro to match. In his full costume, Benjamin's resemblance to Hendrix is nothing short of striking.

Benjamin did his best to cover his face with his hands and hide his wardrobe with a robe, but photogs managed to capture almost every inch of the full costume.

Even though production has started on the long-in-development "All Is By My Side" and Benjamin seems raring to go, one big question mark still lingers over the project: Hendrix's music may not appear in the film at all. Earlier this month, Hendrix's estate very publicly denied the filmmakers' requests to feature the guitarist's songs in the movie.

How does a movie about a musician's life work without featuring any of the music? Only time will tell whether Hendrix's estate changes their position on the licensing or whether the filmmakers find some creative way around the issue.

"All Is By My Side" is being directed by John Ridley and will tell the story of Hendrix's time in England during 1966 and 1967.

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