New 'Breaking Dawn' Posters Are Here!

Fans unlocked three new posters of Bella, Edward and Jacob after an Internet scavenger hunt.

"Twilight" fans received an early Christmas gift Thursday (May 24) in the form of three brand-new posters for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Even better, the creative forces at Summit Entertainment released the posters through a scavenger hunt that required fans to visit their favorite fan sites.

Fans were tasked with finding clues within the text, which led to another web site with a scrambled word that had to be unscrambled in order to unlock the posters. Unsurprisingly, the dedicated and Internet-savvy fans were quick to acquire the "keys" to unlocking the posters.

Each poster features a close-up, artsy photo of one of the franchise's three biggest stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Pictured in character, they all stare fiercely into the camera. The only word on the posters is "Forever," which seems to be a direct nod to the final words in Stephenie Meyer's conclusion to her Twilight Saga.

Fans seem most delighted to see Bella's new vampire eyes, which are almost blood-red in the pic, a nice contrast to the amber color of Edward's eyes. Here is a collection of the expectedly ecstatic reactions on the official Twilight Facebook page:

"Love them!" commented fan Tweedy Sita Mahe. "And I love how they have their own poster. CAN WE HAVE A TRAILER NOW ? PLEASE !"

"So can't wait to see the movie. It is going to be awesome," wrote Lindsey Henderson. "Just wish we didn't have to wait forever. 6 months ugh."

"He's sexier now that he's married & a dad," tweeted a dedicated Team Edward fan Cat Galeano. "DILF."

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