Chris Brown Asks Fans Not To Tweet Death Threats

Team Breezy goes after John Legend's fiancée, Chrissy Teigen, for her tweet about Brown's 'rage' issues.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to Chris Brown and the persistent drama that plagues the R&B star. His showstopping performance at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards has been overshadowed by an attack his Team Breezy fans launched on Twitter against John Legend's fiancée Chrissy Teigen for making a joke about the musician's anger-management issues.

How did the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model manage to upset Brown's passionate fanbase? With this tweet: "So excited to see Chris Brown! I love loud and surprising background fits of rage I can hear from the audience!"

A quick perusal of Teigen's Twitter feed reveals that a multitude of Brown's fans were enraged by her jokey comment and sent her an assortment of obscenity-laden, negative and just plain malicious tweets. The inflammatory nature of the messages reached a saturation point Tuesday (May 22) when Chris Brown himself took to Twitter to issue a cease-and-desist to his fans.

"Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats!" Brown tweeted. "I know y'all bout that life but it's the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!"

Legend also took to Twitter to express his support for his fiancée.

"Personally, I don't think @chrissyteigen's existence is pointless. Nor anyone else who dares criticize a performance. ...Every artist has to be ok with the fact that some people won't like their work. All critics aren't 'haters,' " he continued, aiming that last bit at Brown. "And don't ever tell me to put my 'bitch on a leash,' " he added, referencing the hateful messages he also received from angry Brown fans. "She's a grown woman with her own mind and her own opinions and this is not 1950."