'Revenge' Cast Promises Explosive Finale

'They get themselves into a little pickle. I'm not gonna lie,' series star Emily VanCamp tells MTV News.

A day of reckoning is upon fans of ABC's hit show "Revenge," whose season finale airs Wednesday (May 23). All season, fans have been following along as Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp, moved out to the Hamptons to avenge her father's death against the Grayson family, who betrayed her and her father. Many are wondering which, if any, loose ends will be tied up in the finale as Emily closes in on the final stages of her revenge. As any avid viewer of the series knows, however, there will certainly be obstacles in Emily's way.

"There are many things happening. I mean, Emily goes through a real major fight, a physical fight," Madeleine Stowe, who plays Victoria, told MTV News at the ABC upfronts. "Victoria is hell-bent on destroying Conrad and getting the truth out. She wants to redeem herself from the terrible things that she's done, and all I can say is that it ends very explosively and with Victoria trying to do the right thing."

Few details have been released about the finale, but Emily will fight to the death with a mysterious white-haired man who has kidnapped her closest ally, Nolan.

"I can't spill too much, but Emily is very crafty, so she can usually get herself out of those situations," VanCamp said. "But yeah, they get themselves into a little pickle, I'm not gonna lie."

VanCamp's co-star and fiancé on the show, Joshua Bowman, confirmed that there will be a death in the episode and urged fans to "expect the unexpected." And one of the biggest questions still to be answered is who Emily will end up with at the end of the season. We have been torn between the love triangle that has unraveled this season, so will she end up with fan favorite Jack or will she follow her plan and tie the knot with Bowman's character, Daniel, in the finale?

"You won't see a wedding in the finale, but [at the] beginning of season two, you are meant to. I don't know who that's to," Bowman revealed. "Me and Emily, their relationship, it's a bit rocky, very rocky."

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