Pauly D Loves GTL, But 'Tan Mom' Goes Too Far

'Jersey Shore' star says, 'You should be a certain age to go tanning.'

Because of a New Jersey mother, tanning beds have been in the news quite a bit lately.

Are they the dangerous, cancer-causing dens of death being portrayed in our post-"Tan Mom" world, or is everyone just looking for the latest reason to clutch their pearls? MTV News went straight to one of the foremost tanning connoisseurs we could think of to get some answers.

Asked whether he thinks there should be legislation requiring kids to be a certain age to go tanning, "Jersey Shore" and "Pauly D Project" star DJ Pauly D, whose GTL routine makes him an expert on the topic, agreed that young kids should steer clear of the bulbs.

"I think you should be a certain age to go tanning," Pauly D told MTV News. "There's gotta be some kind of law."

So, when are kids old enough to make the great decision whether tanning is right for them? "I think the age should be 16 or better," Pauly suggested.

As for the now world-famous "Tan Mom," née Patricia Krentcil, Pauly thinks she's taken her love of faux sunshine a little too far. "That mom, I think, I don't support what she done," he continued, "and she tans too much herself."

Krentcil herself was interviewed Monday morning (May 21) on "Today" to hit back at critics claiming she is a bad mother, telling Mara Schiavocampo that her daughter Anna "never went in" a tanning bed, as has been claimed, and that she got her sunburn the old fashioned way — by going outside.

"It was beautiful out, and they were in the pool. Not the big pool, the kiddie pool," she said. "She's a redhead. She got sunburned."

"Tan Mom" is due back in court June 4, facing charges of second-degree child endangerment.

Should there be an age requirement for tanning beds? Sound off below!