The Wanted Still Hoping For Chris Brown Collabo

Jay McGuiness calls the chance to work with the singer 'a great opportunity.'

The Wanted have been long hoping to work with Chris Brown on a track. Given that the band and the singer were all in Las Vegas on Sunday night for the Billboard Music Awards, it seemed like the right night to do a little networking and get that duet locked down.

When MTV News caught up with the British fivesome on the red carpet, they shared that they hoped to run into Brown backstage and make something happen. "I know Chris Brown in is the dressing room next to us, so we can see him again," Jay McGuiness shared. "We have not put a song forward or heard anything yet, but as soon as we do, obviously [we'll] shout it from the rooftops, because it would be a great opportunity."

Well, even if it may take some more convincing to get Brown to hit the studio with them, they have been working on new music, which would serve as a follow-up to 2011's full-length album, Battleground, as well as their debut U.S. EP, which they dropped last month.

"Well, you know, it's going to be a new leaf for us because we've compiled all our three years of stuff into the EP, so now it's a new, fresh start for us," McGuiness recently explained about the in-the-works album. "The singles we started writing and recording, so far, we're excited about. But it's still gonna be parties for the Wanted. I think it's gonna be a few surprises too."

Brown should take note that the guys haven't been shy about getting some collabos on the album, as Siva Kaneswaran told MTV News recently. "[It] could be collabs or it could be rapping. There's not gonna be any rapping; I'm just kidding. But it is surprising for ourselves, too, because we are just going to try and be daring and try and step it up a bit, so hopefully the fans will like it."

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