Katy Perry Flies High At Billboard Music Awards

Singer debuts 'Wide Awake' ahead of her 'Part of Me' 3-D concert film release in July.

Katy Perry was "Wide Awake" at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (May 20).

The purple-haired singer took the stage in glittering Las Vegas to debut her new single, the slow-motion breakup track from her Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection album. It's also the song she's picked to promote her 3-D concert film, "Part of Me," out in July.

Dressed in all white, almost like a bride (ironic, given she's back on the market after her split from husband Russell Brand), the performance opened with Perry descending from the ceiling over the stage, surrounded by Cirque du Soleil-type acrobats and steampunk touches, including dancers in top hats and a setting that almost looked like it was from the Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight" video.

Perry mostly floated over the stage in a white ribbon that kept her hanging in the air as she sang about letting her heartbreak go to start anew. The dreamy vibe of the performance mirrored the song's ethereal feeling.

Earlier in the night, in a sparkling lavender gown, Perry took the stage to accept her Spotlight award for amassing five #1 hits from her Teenage Dream album. "Thank you. They told me the only other person who received this award is Michael Jackson, so I feel incredibly honored," she told the room. "I always say the people have the power, so I want to thank all the glittering, gorgeous [people] out there. Rock on, KatyCats!

"Tonight, later, when I get on the stage, I'm going to be singing my personal, intimate song," she added, before shouting out her date. "The real rock star here is my grandmother. She's 91 and she's from Las Vegas. I can't wait to go and do shots with you after this!"

The same night she was in Vegas to perform the song, a lyric video was released as a teaser to the song's music video, which Perry filmed earlier this month.

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