Carly Rae Jepsen Thinks 'Call Me Maybe' Viral Videos Are 'Rad'

'It makes my day to see it,' Jepsen tells MTV News about clips by everyone from Justin Bieber to the Harvard baseball team.

It's been just a few months since Justin Bieber signed Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen to his Schoolboy Records, but since then, she has certainly made her mark on the music scene. Her infectious hit single "Call Me Maybe" is currently #1 on the iTunes songs chart and #4 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and has spawned a barrage of humorous and entertaining online video parodies that have captured the attention of not only fans but Jepsen herself.

"I have seen a few. It's pretty rad that people are participating and making their own versions. It makes my day to see it," Jepsen told MTV News. "It's hard to imagine this, even though I'm living this every day, it's kind of hard to believe it sometimes. [I] definitely didn't predict this."

The online lip-synching parodies seem to be the latest craze, especially among college students. Sports teams from Duke, UConn, Syracuse and Southern Methodist University have all posted their own versions of the song, but it was taken to another level when the Harvard baseball team choreographed an intricate fist-pump dance while singing along to the single.

"I saw the fist pump, it was so cute. It was funny because every chorus, they added a new element. I was like, they really planned this out, this is so fantastic," Jepsen said of the Harvard video. "It's so cool that it's sort of sparked this online thing. It's really neat."

College students aren't the only ones obsessing over this song. Actor James Franco posted his own version of the song , and just last month, Katy Perry uploaded her own parody, featuring herself and a group of friends at a Coachella pool party.

"I was in London at the time I saw Katy's version of 'Call Me Maybe.' I think she was at Coachella when she shot it, which was really cool," Jepsen said. "It was another surreal moment: Being in London was already crazy and then on top of it, to kind of see all the stars were reaching out and doing their versions as well, it was kind of like a cherry on top of the whole thing."

We may have to thank Bieber for all of these videos since he is the one that started the trend. Back in February, Bieber, along with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Big Time Rush, created his own music video, playfully singing along to the inescapable track.

"I have a long list of thank-yous that I owe to Justin for everything to do with my career," Jepsen said. "He's just kind of opened the door to the rest of the world to me."

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