Kanye West Had To 'Get Used To' Big Kardashian Family

'With Kanye I was like, 'Why are you hiding in our pantry in my mom's kitchen?' Khloe jokes about sister Kim's BF.

Kanye West may seem like he's already one of the Kardashians, but turns out it took him a minute to warm up to them. According to her sister Khloé, Kim's beau initially experienced some shell shock when hanging with reality TV's first family.

"He said, 'I'm an only child; there's, like, so many of you,' " Khloé recalled in a chat with Ryan Seacrest on Friday (May 18).

Fans will get to see Kanye warming up to the Kardashian crew themselves when E!'s "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" returns for another season on Sunday. But Khloé told Seacrest her husband, Lamar Odom, had similar trouble getting used to her very large family.

"I remember Lamar, at first it took him a minute to get used to us, but now Lamar loves it," she said. "With Kanye I was like, 'Why are you hiding in our pantry in my mom's kitchen?' And he's like, 'There's just so many of you guys, and you guys are all so loud and friendly and talk." And I'm like, 'Get used to it buddy, because I like it.' It's just a lot at one time."

Being an only child like Yeezy is added to his initial discomfort, but he isn't the lone only child the Kardashians have welcomed.

"[My boyfriend] Scott [Disick] and Lamar are only children too," Kourtney shared. "I think we attract only children. I don't think [Kanye] knows what's going on [when he hangs out with us]. Like, what we're talking about, are we being serious? Is this a joke?"

The initial shock of the Kardashians seems to have worn off, though. Usmagazine.com spotted Kanye hanging out with Kim and her family at Kourtney's May 12 baby shower. In one snapshot, a smiling Kanye sits next to Kim, who's playing with her nephew and Kourtney's son, Mason.

Khloé's hubby, Lamar, has also apparently bonded with Yeezy. The pro baller even seems to have his sights set on the music industry. "Lamar raps to [Kanye] all the time. Kim is like, 'You're going to freak this guy out,' " Khloé said. "But it's funny."

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