Far East Movement Drop 'Unexpected' Track With Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz

'If I Die Tomorrow,' off FM's May 22 release, Dirty Bass, is 'a song about losing yourself.'

Ever wondered what it would sound like if the Far East Movement enlisted Tokio Hotel's glammy, gothy lead singer Bill Kaulitz for a track? Well, wonder no more, because now we have "If I Die Tomorrow."

The collaboration, which dropped Friday (May 18), leans more on FM's love for partying than Kaulitz's love for rocking. While FM rap all about bumping trunks, killing bottles and going crazy in the club, Kaulitz, in full auto-tuned, falsetto mode, proclaims, "If I die tomorrow, that means we had the night of our lives/ If tomorrow never comes, then tonight we lose control."

"If I Die Tomorrow" is off FM's new album, Dirty Bass, out May 22. When MTV News caught up with Far East Movement recently, Kev Nish told us that fans will see plenty of "unexpected collaborations" like this on the upcoming album.

"When we first signed to Cherrytree [Records], we went on the website and see who's on the roster ... and we saw Tokio Hotel, and we were like 'Yo, this band is wild,' " Nish said of working with the Musical March Madness winner and Tokio Hotel's leading man. "We were on a bus watching them on the MTV Europe Awards, winning, and we were like, 'We need to do a song with those dudes.'

"So we got in with Bill Kaulitz and we just wanted to do a song about losing yourself, about possibly losing your mind, because you might die the next day," he added.

The album also features Justin Bieber on the song "Live My Life." The same day the album drops, the group also kicks off their tour with the kings of party rocking, LMFAO.

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