Nicki Minaj And Nas Seal 'Right By My Side' Video With A Kiss

Rap superstars get cozy in just-premiered clip, which also features Chris Brown.

Nicki and Nas —it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

It's no secret that Nicki Minaj has a flair for the dramatic, and on Wednesday (May 16), when she debuted her "Right by My Side" video on MTV, Nicki surprised many by casting the Queensbridge rap great as her leading man.

The bright and cheery video opens with a pensive Nicki seated in a high-backed chair fit for a queen; her mind is clearly elsewhere, unaware of the camera's gaze. Only a few seconds pass before Nas struts into the scene and the two lean in to share a smooch only to find their lives subjected to a rewind sequence before their lips touch.

"It all comes down to this, I miss your morning," Nicki sings on cue as the viewer is taken back in time.

It's all pretty rosy as the lovesick couple share deep conversation and an inside joke as Nas hands his honey a silver dollar, which she flips into a wishing well. The clip has all the makings of a Nicholas Sparks romance flick: There's PDA, hand-holding, shopping trips and outdoor lunches. In one scene, Nas — who sports his trademark half-moon Caesar and big-framed 1980s-inspired glasses — surprises Nicki with a new car, topped off with a pink bow, of course. The reigning rap queen is so excited she leaps into his open arms.

When Chris Brown shows up for his guest verse and duet-styled hook, he is set outside of the video's story line, delivering passionate performance scenes but never interrupting the two lovebirds. Breezy is no doubt a superstar, but he sits as a third wheel on Nicki and Nas' romantic ride.

The vibe of the soft love song switches by the time the Female Weezy's rap verse rolls in. It's quite the verbal display as she sits beside Nas, wearing his hoodie and rapping in double-time of her own sexual prowess. "My p---y game so cold, that he always seem to come back/ 'Cause he knows that it be a wrap when I'm riding it from the back," she spits while wearing God's Son's oversized medallion around her neck.

For the most part, the couple can't stay away from each other, but there is clearly some separation between the two lovers, even if only for a brief, undefined moment. In the closing scene, a lonely and longing Nicki sits on a park bench under a full moon with a sullen look on her typically animated face. Her frown is quickly remedied when Nas pulls up besides his boo and takes a seat next to her. They first hug and then share a deep and sensual kiss that is sure to get the rumor mill spinning out of control.

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