'American Idol' Producer 'Thrilled' By Final Three

'I can't even begin to think who the final is going to be between,' Nigel Lythgoe tells MTV News.

And then there were three. The final trio of contestants will face off this week on "American Idol," and if you think you know who might win, "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe points out that there's really no way to predict the winner.

With it all down to Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and judge-favorite Joshua Ledet, the chances of predicting who will be the season 11 champion is nearly impossible, especially given the show's history.

"I guess I was shocked at Colton [Dixon] going so early. I thought he might even make the final. We've had very talented singers all this season. I'm thrilled with the three people who are left," he told MTV News at an event announcing Fox's fall lineup on Monday. "I can't even begin to think who the final is going to be between.

"And then whichever combination you look: If Joshua is sent home, where does Joshua's votes go to, Jessica or to Phillip? Where does Jessica's votes go, if she's sent home? Where do Phillip's votes [go]?" he continued about any final combinations ahead of the May 23 finale. "So... I still don't know with the combination of just moving it around who is going to win."

That being said, Lythgoe must have some gut feeling about who will join the ranks of Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Kris Allen as the "Idol" victor this time around? "I don't have to use my gut," he said. "I know the results every week and nobody has won two weeks on the run. It's so dependent, I think, on song choice now and how they do. The judges can critique, America makes its own decision at the end of the day."

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