Diggy Simmons Breaks Down Key Scenes In ‘Two Up’ Video

'I like how it came out overall for real. It's just a good feeling,' Diggy tells MTV News of his new video.

Diggy’s “Two Up” party isn’t over. On Friday, Young Mr. Simmons celebrated the premiere of his “Two Up” video with MTV’s RapFix blog, and the teenage MC was so excited that he sat with MTV News and broke down each scene in the Clifton Bell-directed clip.

The vid begins with Diggy standing alone, playing air piano in time with the track’s opening keys. The action may seem insignificant, but it’s actually a key component to the song. “That was what really drew me to the track when I first heard the beat,” he said. “It was just those piano keys that I love.”

As the beat begins to take shape, so does the video, and a bouncer begins to let Diggy’s specially invited guests into the party. Of course the crowd is compromised mostly of females. “There were so many girls at the shoot that we were like, ‘We have to get some dudes in the mix,’ ” Diggy said, laughing at the non-dilemma.

“They were like New York, young kids, you know how they get,” the MC said of the video’s extras. “It was good energy and we didn’t even have to tell them to get hyped at no point in the video. I was feeding off of their energy when I was in front of them during those shots. It was just easy.”

It wasn’t just the crowd that excited Diggy: The fashion-forward MC was also hyped at his on-camera wardrobe, though some of his favorite items didn’t even make the cut. In one scene Simmons sports a turquoise jacket with two mini-Jesus pieces around his neck. On his feet he wears a special pair of black and gold Air Jordan #6s that were released back in 2006 and now go for as much as $850 online. “I’m kinda mad that you didn’t get that in the shot,” Diggy said of his coveted footwear.

Another key scene, in which a silhouetted Diggs dances across the screen, was actually inspired by another rap great. For the “Two Up” video, Simmons borrowed from Kanye West’s 2007 clip for “Homecoming.” “That whole silhouette idea is something that we drew inspiration from but made it a little different with the color, because that video is black and white,” he explained. “I like how it came out overall for real. It’s just a good feeling.”

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