John Travolta's First Accuser Drops Lawsuit

Actor's lawyer says he's been 'completely vindicated' of sexual battery accusation.

The first of the two anonymous massage therapists who filed a sexual battery lawsuit
 against John Travolta has withdrawn his legal action. According to CNN, Okorie Okarocha, the lawyer representing a client known as John Doe #1, filed papers on Tuesday to drop the client after he discovered that the masseur had misstated the date on which he alleged the incident with Travolta took place at a Beverly Hills Hotel.

Travolta's lawyer, Martin Singer, said the withdrawal means the actor has been "completely vindicated" and added that, "we fully expect that my client will similarly be vindicated with respect to Doe #2, as well as with respect to any other person who makes meritless claims against John Travolta."

Despite Singer's claims, Okarocha said he stands behind the second unnamed plaintiff, who claims Travolta groped him during a massage in an Atlanta hotel last January. "I can guarantee that John Doe #2 has a truckload of witnesses to back up what he's saying," he said.

Okarocha said the second therapist's claims are reportedly backed up by a series of e-mails in which he complains to his supervisors about Travolta's advances. Reacting to that comment, Singer said the documents he's seen online purporting to be one of those e-mails, "significantly does not refer to my client at all, nor does it make any mention whatsoever of any of the things outrageously alleged in Doe #2's lawsuit ... Instead, Doe #2 voiced complaints about his co-workers gossiping and being insubordinate."

The fact that the e-mail doesn't once mention Travolta's name, "says it all," according to Singer. "Nothing that is alleged in Doe #2's lawsuit was mentioned in the e-mail he sent to his bosses, making his claims even more unbelievable ... The allegations in 'Doe #2's' lawsuit are unraveling, just like 'Doe #1's' ridiculous allegations, which were proven false and impossible," he said.

Okarocha appeared confident in his case, though, vowing to "mop up" in the courtroom with the witnesses and documents in the case against Travolta. "I think I can show a custom, habit and practice," Okarocha said, referring to his claims that the actor has sexually assaulted dozens of other massage therapists over the years. "If I bring in 100 people that don't have an ax to grind, don't want any money, they're in 50 different states, they don't know each other, they're all massage therapists, they all have dates, they're at different spa resorts and they say this exact same thing happened, it's pretty hard to refute."

Unlike the first accuser, Okarocha vowed that his client, "ain't going nowhere," and is looking forward to a trial.

Travolta, 58, has been married to actress Kelly Preston for 20 years and has repeatedly denied whisper campaigns about his sexuality.

Before dropping the first accuser, Okarocha apologized on Friday for putting the wrong date of the John Doe #1 incident in the lawsuit, which his client initially told him occurred on January 16, 2012. Singer was able to produce a restaurant receipt and a time-stamped photo that showed Travolta was in New York, not Los Angeles, on that date. Rather than amend the lawsuit, Okarocha decided to withdraw the allegation from the suit and drop John Doe #1 to avoid hurting the chances of the second plaintiff's suit.

Radar Online reported that John Doe #1 has hired famed L.A. attorney Gloria Allred to represent him. "I represent John Doe #1. Mr. Doe's lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice which means that he is still legally entitled to file another lawsuit against John Travolta if he chooses," said Allred. "We are in the process of conferring with him regarding the next steps, which he may wish to take. Our client and our firm has no further comment at this time."