Rihanna's 'Battleship' Inspiration? 'Bad Bitches'

'I won't name them, but there were a few,' singer-turned-actress tells MTV News of her onscreen role models.

Only a few more days until the year's biggest aliens-at-sea adventure movie "Battleship" sails into theaters. In addition to the intrigue surrounding the sheer spectacle of the film and the very attractive cast, the Peter Berg-directed tentpole features the highly anticipated motion-picture debut of pop superstar Rihanna.

In the film, Rihanna plays the no-nonsense, tough-as-nails Petty Officer Cora "Weps" Raikes, who delivers one of the film's more memorable one-liners, as well as a believably badass performance. When MTV News caught up with the "Where Have U Been" singer recently, we asked if she looked to any specific action movies or actresses for inspiration.

"There were a few — I won't name them, but there were a few," Rihanna admitted of studying other badass onscreen ladies. "[They were] mostly actresses I looked to and looked up to and embodied their characters and tried to see how they would approach the action. I watched a lot of bad bitches," she said with a smile.

In looking ahead toward a potential acting career, Rihanna said she doesn't have a specific five-year-plan, but she hopes to be able to explore more opportunities as they come her way.

"You can't plan for anything, the unknown really. I hadn't done anything in acting so I didn't feel like it was appropriate to have any plan," she said. "I didn't know if I would like it or be good at it. I really enjoyed the experience and I want to do more, try different types of roles so that I can see what I excel in most or like best."

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