Justin Bieber Is Big Floyd Mayweather Fan, 50 Cent Says

Rapper tells MTV News about being at Mayweather's match against Miguel Cotto with the Biebs and Lil Wayne.

Everyone loves a champion, and currently there is no bigger boxing champ than Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Not only did the outspoken pugilist attract a record number of pay-per-view fans for his May 5 match against Miguel Cotto, he also brought music's brightest stars to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on fight night. Of course 50 Cent was on hand to cheer on his buddy Floyd, and Justin Bieber and Lil

Wayne made their way to the ring as well.

Many fight fans were surprised to see that the Biebs had been in Mayweather's dressing room for the fight preparations; after that, JB walked with the undefeated Floyd to the ring, helping to hold the champ's belts.

"Justin is also a Floyd fan. They love the sport. A lot of people like it and haven't actually made contact or received anything to make them feel like it was cool or comfortable enough for them to come," 50 said about JB's much-discussed ring walk. "When it actually happens and it goes down like that, it feels good. When they get a chance to see different genres, different people, everybody's excited."

One of the more excited fans was Floyd's daughter Iyanna, who, according to 50, was fixated on the teenage idol. "Floyd's daughter, Yaya, she saw half the fight, the other half she was looking at Bieber," the rapper joked. "He just got that thing for the younger generation, too — he's it."

Some were also surprised to see Lil Wayne in the ring. In the past, he and 50 haven't been the best of friends, so many assumed that Floyd would inherit Fif's perceived rap beefs, but that isn't the case. In fact, Mayweather is a Weezy fan; he listens to his music constantly while training.

"Floyd has a huge passion for music that people don't know about," 50 explained. "It's a big part of what makes him comfortable and takes his mind off of how hard he has to work to stay being the #1 fighter in the world. With Wayne's music momentum, he's a part of that; he's been a part of the playlist, so it's cool."

After Floyd dusted off Cotto in a unanimous decision, he, Bieber, Weezy and 50 all celebrated in the ring and even posed for a few pictures. Though Fif sported his patented menacing scowl, he insists that there was no problem whatsoever. "The pictures, when I'm not paying attention, they take some really weird facial expressions of me," he said. "I'm like, 'What the f--- was I thinking at that point?' It's nothing there to make me feel uncomfortable."

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