Black Keys Land 'Workaholics' Cameo With Guilt Trips, 'Babe Exchange'

'We told them we'd let them hang out backstage with us, introduce them to babes,' Dan Auerbach says of band's upcoming appearance on the show.

To hear the Black

Keys tell it, their upcoming cameo on Comedy Central's "Workaholics" wasn't planned in advance — it was just the result of some rather fortuitous legal scheduling.

"We actually had a court date today, so we just happened to be here," frontman Dan Auerbach deadpanned.

He's joking, of course: The Keys' guest appearance on the show (they'll play

target="_blank">"dirtbags" with "oddly long ponytails" who have a run-in with the "Workaholics" guys in small-claims court) actually came about after some intense guilt-tripping, which is basically how all of Hollywood operates, just in case you weren't aware.

"We're super-big fans of the show," drummer Patrick Carney said. "We kind of just guilt-tripped them to let us on the show, basically."

"Yeah, we told them we'd let them hang out backstage with us, introduce them to babes, and they gave us a part," Auerbach added. "[It's worked] since the dawn of time: the babe exchange."

The Black Keys' episode of "Workaholics" is tentatively set to air later this summer — the show returns in all its bong-glazed glory on May 29 — and the Keys are already calling it a career highlight, especially since they can relate to the show on many different levels.

"We love the show, and we think [the cast] is awesome. Everyone went to school with people like that, if you grew up in the Midwest, especially," Auerbach laughed. "All of that dumb sh-- they talk about, it's all real. That's why it's funny."

"I used to work as a telemarketer when I was about 20, and it was the worst job I ever had," Carney said. "But I didn't have friends to share it with, so it wasn't quite the same; it was more just plain miserable."