Bret Michaels Settles 2009 Tonys Lawsuit

Michaels claims a piece of the set at the show contributed to a brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him.

It was supposed to be his big Broadway debut, but when Poison singer Bret Michaels performed at the 2009 Tony Awards all he came away with was a viral video and a huge headache. Three years after the stage accident
 seen 'round the world, Michaels has settled a lawsuit against the organizers of the show during which he was hit on the head with a set piece after he and his band performed "Nothin' But a Good Time."

In the suit, Michaels claimed that he suffered head injuries that later contributed to an April 2010 brain hemorrhage
 that nearly killed him.

According to the Associated Press the confidential settlement also covers Michaels' claims against CBS Broadcasting, which aired the show. Michaels had blamed the network for televising the moment that turned into a buzzed-about viral video that was viewed millions of times online. He also claimed Tony Awards producers never warned him there would be a set change after he finished singing the classic 1998 Poison hit "Good Time."

At the time of the accident, the set piece descended rapidly and appeared to hit an unaware Michaels in the face hard enough to snap his head back. He was initially left with a cut lip and broken nose
, but the lawsuit claimed that the accident also caused brain bleeding. Michaels was rushed to the hospital
 in April 2010, where doctors found he had a brain hemorrhage, which was followed by a stroke the singer said nearly killed him. Michaels never said how much compensation he was seeking, but claimed in the suit that the injury hampered his ability to perform at later shows.

An attorney for Michaels said details of the settlement would not be released and spokespeople for CBS and the Tonys released a joint statement saying that "an amicable resolution" had been reached but no further details would be released.