'Survivor One World' Finale: Predicting The Winner

Former 'Survivor' contestant Rob Cesternino weighs in on the final five contestants vying for the title of Sole Survivor.

A foulmouthed special-ed teacher, a medical-sales-repping Southern belle, an indecisive career consultant from Hollywood, a sneaky bridal shop owner and a high school teacher from Brooklyn: These are the women competing for the million-dollar prize on Sunday night's (May 13) "Survivor: One World" season finale.

In a season dominated by just one contestant — 29-year-old Kim Spradlin, who has won numerous immunity challenges and forged multiple alliances to get to the endgame — predicting the "One World" winner isn't quite as challenging as it's been in "Survivor" seasons of yore. But this is "Survivor" we're talking about, and twists are the name of the game. There's no shortage of curveballs that could be thrown at the final five contestants in tonight's race for the Sole Survivor title.

As we've done all season long, MTV News joined forces with two-time "Survivor" contestant and regular commentator Rob Cesternino once again for his final "One World" predictions.

Most Likely to Win: Kim Spradlin

"Since the departure of Colton, 'Survivor: One World' has been the season of Kim," Cesternino said. "She's been in control of every single thing that's happened the whole way. She's had her finger on the pulse of the game. She played an amazing game and I think it would be almost criminal if she did not win — barring a total collapse during the finale."

Least Likely to Win: Christina Cha

"Christina at no point in the game has been in a favorable position," Rob reasoned. "It seems unlikely to think that she'll run off with two consecutive immunity challenges here at the end, when she's never even been in the mix to win one immunity challenge. She doesn't have the respect of the jury, considering some of those people were terrified by the possibility of going home before Christina. She hasn't done anything to get there."

Dark-Horse Pick: Sabrina Thompson

"I think she is very savvy," the former player said. "I also think she's well-liked by the jury. I think she could be an alternative to Kim in the finals, where she's able to sit there and say, 'Look, I didn't lie to you, and I didn't backstab you. That was all Kim. All of that bad stuff? Kim. I was here the whole way, and I was tough.' Sabrina is someone who could at least get a couple of votes in the finals. Maybe, if the jury goes anti-Kim, she could potentially squeak out a victory."

Worst-Case Scenario: Bitter Jury Syndrome

"I think it would be a shame if Kim makes it all the way to the finals and ends up losing the jury vote just as a way of getting back at her for voting out all of the men in the game," Rob said. "It's happened before on 'Survivor,' where the jury is bitter. I don't think Kim's social game has been lacking. It would be good to see someone who plays the best game get rewarded by the jury. Otherwise, as Russell Hantz has said before, the game would be flawed."

Biggest Possible Surprise: Kim Goes at Four

"The most surprising thing that could happen at the end of the season, for me, would be that one of these players smartens up and realizes that Kim has had the immunity idol and can't play it once she hits the final four. If she doesn't win that immunity challenge, the smartest thing that any of them can do is to take her out," Cesternino said. "If I'm Chelsea, and if I'm Sabrina, I don't know how I've gone this far without ever trying to take out Kim. It kills me to see these players roll over and die and give this game to Kim as they've done all season. If they turned on her at the final four, I would be very surprised."

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