Tyga's 'Leaving Stuff Behind' On 'I'm Gone' With Big Sean

'When I made this record, I was just like, 'Sean would be dope on this,' ' Tyga says of adding Big Sean to the song.

Tyga and Big Sean display quite the chemistry on "I'm Gone," the new, heartfelt single off of the Cali MC's sophomore album, Careless World. But the song only tells half the story.

This week Tyga premiered the song's Colin Tilley-directed video as an MTV Jam of the Week. MTV News caught up with the pair back in April when they shot the clip in a Lynwood, California, warehouse.

"The video concept is me leaving stuff behind, like my girl, and then driving the car, then nobody driving the car," Tyga explained.

His description may have seemed a bit cryptic then, but now that the visuals have finally dropped, it all makes sense. Opening with a shot of the Young Money rap standout sitting alone on a barstool with his head hung low, it is clear that the bright lights have taken their toll on Tyga's love life. "Looking around glass, my future is in the past/ I'm rearranging my life, I'm single and now I laugh," he spits to begin the song.

The somber track is quite emotional and wouldn't seem to call for a guest verse. In fact, Tyga first intended for the single to be a solo affair, but when it was complete, he just heard a spot for his buddy Sean.

"When I made this record, I was just like, 'Sean would be dope on this,' " the tatted-up rapper said. "The record was already done — that's why Big Sean is at the end of it. We made the beat longer because I was just like, 'Let's just add him to it.' "

Sean, who closes the track out with reflective lyrics of his own, jumped on the song without hesitation. "I had already liked it off the rip, I liked the sample, I liked the vibe of it," he told us. "He sent me the song and it was perfect. I remember I had just got done with my show in Houston. I knocked it out right after."

In fact, Sean's voice was still hoarse from the performance he delivered just hours before, but it all worked out in the end. "My voice was half gone — I don't know if people could tell, but my voice was damn near gone when I recorded it," he revealed. "I just came up with the whole thing on the spot."

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