Snooki, JWoww 'Proud' Of President Obama For Supporting Gay Marriage

'I'm glad that he did it — better late than never,' 'Jersey Shore' star JWoww tells MTV News.

President Obama made history earlier this week when he became the first president to support same-sex marriage. Moments after the announcement, reactions came pouring in from celebrities and other supporters of his decision expressing their overwhelming enthusiasm regarding the much-discussed topic.

Two of those supporters include "Jersey Shore" stars Snooki and JWoww, who stopped by MTV News on Thursday and told us that they were thrilled with President Obama's latest move, even though they feel it should have come earlier in his presidency.

"I'm glad that he did it — better late than never," JWoww said. "And he is the first president to come out and say it, and I am proud of him for doing it."

Snooki, who's expecting her first child with fiancé Jionni LaValle, feels that same-sex couples should enjoy the same rights she does.

"We're very strong when it comes to the gay community," Snooki said. "[JWoww] has a lot of friends; her best friend is gay. I have a lot of friends who are gay. They need to be equal because they are amazing friends."

President Obama's announcement came on the heels of the gay-marriage ban in North Carolina, a move that angered many who believe that in this day and age everyone should have equal rights.

"We just need the laws to change — it's 2012," JWoww said. "I want to see my best friend get married, and I want to see everyone in every state be able to get married. It's their choice. It's not affecting our lives. So let them be equal. We want them to be able to experience life, and if they want to be miserable and married, let them be miserable and married like us."

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