Exclusive: Watch A Clip Of Wolfgang Gartner's 'Redline' Video!

Full video premieres Monday on mtvU and Tuesday on MTV Clubland.

" 'Redline,' to me is the ultimate anthem," electronic dance music producer Wolfgang Gartner told MTV News recently. "It's all built around this really simple yet catchy melody, but it's got all the turbo-fueled drops and peaks that are necessary to make a club smash."

With his latest single, the L.A.-based house producer certainly adds another smash to his catalog, which includes hit collabos with Tiësto ("We Own the Night") and Eve ("Get 'Em"). His latest effort also adds a dash of "feel-good" to the party.

"['Redline' has] a bit of a more positive and optimistic feeling about it than a lot of my other stuff, which I like and seems to resonate well with people in that way," Gartner said.

The video for "Redline" will be premiering on mtvU on Monday and MTV Clubland on Tuesday, but MTV News was lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek at the new animated clip. It shows WG redlining his grey-and-red race-striped sports car, booking it to a gig in a nearby city. While on the road, he dreams that a section of his car is turning into a spaceship and shooting off into outer space. The teaser clip ends with speaker arms protracting from his spaceship and WG turning up the volume on his spaceship-car mixer. An outer-space party appears to be on the agenda.

The video for "Redline" took almost two weeks to make and was created by New Media DNA with Eric Damier directing and Jose Cubero serving as lead animator.

"The beat was the inspiration for the video," Damier told MTV News. "After brainstorming ideas, we knew there had to be a car involved, since the name of the song is 'Redline,' and it involves the whole concept of redlining a car."

"I loved it!" Gartner gushed. "The sort of caricature look that they gave me, might turn off some people when they accentuate your features. They gave me this massive forehead! But I loved it.

"My manager put it best: 'It's like your own personal Saturday morning cartoon,' " Gartner continued. "And that's totally true. It's like a cartoon starring me, riding in spaceships, and all the big bursts and explosions are timed to the music in a way that really makes it hit."

Wolfgang Gartner's "Redline" video premieres Monday on mtvU and Tuesday at 3 a.m. on MTV CLubland.

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