Joe Jonas Hopes To Work With Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry In Pepsi Ads

New 'Live for Now' campaign encourages fans to live in the moment, Jonas Brother tells MTV News.

What do Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Joe Jonas have in common? Well, aside from being internationally renowned pop stars, all three are involved in a new campaign Pepsi has just launched. "Live for Now" focuses on the motto "carpe diem" and celebrates spontaneity through events, digital marketing and, of course, musical partnerships.

For Jonas, the opportunity to spread that message fits with his own philosophy about living life to the fullest. "It's, I think, a good match. A lot of stuff that I love to do is spontaneous, last minute and living in the moment," he explained to MTV News. "And what better way to encourage people and my fans to be able to live in the moment? 'Live for Now' is tweeting about it and getting them involved."

As for being the face of the campaign alongside Perry and Minaj (whose Pepsi ads already debuted), well, for Joe, that was icing on the cake. "I'm in great company: Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, more people to come, it's an incredible little circle right now," he explained.

"So, hopefully, we'll all be able to do something together one day. But, as for now, just being able to do it individually and encourage their fans, my fans to get out there, or whomever, and be able to send in their little videos or pictures of them doing things that are in the moment."

And, he added, those moments can be big or small. "I love being able to travel, take trips," he said. "I called my buddies up. I literally called one of my best friends [brother-in-law Mikey Deleasa], he showed up to my house in New York, and I'm like, 'Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? Let's go to Vegas. Let's do it!' We had an incredible trip. We went to the Mayweather fight, and living in the moment and having a good time.

"But, if you can't take Vegas trips on the weekend, there's amazing things to do probably in your area," he added. "Or, a road trip with your friends is always great."

Earlier this month, Pepsi announced that Michael Jackson, who struck a deal with the brand in 1984, will be featured on Pepsi cans as a part of the campaign. The cans arrive Stateside later this month.

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