Joe Jonas Still Stewing Over Westlife's Battle Of The Boy Bands Win

'I'll get you one day, Westlife,' he jokes about the Jonas Brothers coming in second.

It was a major brawl until the very last vote. But in the end, Westlife beat the Jonas Brothers in MTV's Battle of the Boy Bands.

Each boy band put up a good fight, but the fans spoke and the Irish quartet took home the metaphorical gold.

If you think the Jonas Brothers are holding any grudges, well ... they are!

"You know what's so funny, I didn't know about it until we were down to the last two," Jonas told MTV News on Wednesday (May 9), two days after the polls closed. "Nick and I were sitting together, and he was like, 'Dude, you know we're up for this MTV thing?' He showed me — and Westlife won."

Jonas had this strongly worded message for the victors: "I'll get you one day, Westlife."

All empty threats aside, Joe noted that the JoBros went as far as they did during the battle, which saw heavyweights like 'NSYNC, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys voted out early on. "It's awesome," he said. "There's a lot of incredible artists on there, so we fell very honored. Thank you, MTV. Is there, like, a runner-up award? Or is it kind of like Ricky Bobby [in 'Talladega Nights']: If you're not first, you're last?"

During the competition, little brother Nick told us what he thought would be the JoBros' secret weapon during the heated competition. "I think that we are a good one to vote for because we play our own instruments," Nick said. "It's a rare thing for a boy band. ... I don't know of a whole lot of boy bands that do that."