B.o.B Ready To Rock: A Rock Album On His 'To-Do List'

MC tells 'RapFix Live' the project would be 'eclectic, just a lot more left,' like 2009's B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray mixtape.

B.o.B is already something of a rock star, what with his frequent guitar playing, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to fans that he's planning an all-rock album. Bobby Ray doesn't know when he'll drop the LP, but it's coming.

"I don't pop bottles, I got pop dollars/ And after Strange Clouds, I'mma drop my rock album," Bob raps on "Ray Bands," a track from his latest LP that debuted at # 5 on the Billboard albums chart after moving more than 76,000 copies in its first week.

"I definitely wasn't talking trash; it's definitely on the to-do list," B.o.B said of the lyric when he appeared on "RapFix Live" last week.

It's no secret that the Grand Hustle MC's musical tastes extend far beyond hip-hop's borders. He lived out a portion of his rock jones on a 2009 mixtape, but he's far from done.

"I had a mixtape called B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray, and half of it was more hip-hop, Eastside Decatur B.o.B and most of those tracks were produced by Fury," Bobby Ray explained about the inspiration for the upcoming project. "On the other side it was more live instrumentation, eclectic, just a lot more left. I really liked that concept, and I felt like that was a classic mixtape for me."

A rock album isn't the only project Bob has coming down the pipeline: He and T.I. also have a collaborative project in the works. "We got my album out, Strange Clouds, and he's about to drop Trouble Man very soon, so once we get that out the way, then we'll have time to really focus even more attentively to The Man and the Martian project," T.I. said. "It's definitely something that will come to fruition; it's only a matter of time."

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