'Glee' Prom Joins Other Great Small-Screen Formals

'90210' and 'Saved by the Bell' make MTV News' list of other memorable prom episodes.

Much like high schoolers all across the country, this week the kids of McKinley High will get their prom on. It comes complete with a fun little One Direction cover and, according to star Dianna Agron, some "surprising moments." Well, that sounds about right given the show's penchant for spot-on covers and love for twists and turns.

Like any great TV show, the "Glee" prom follows in the grand tradition of small-screen formals, where true love blooms and occasionally trouble brews.

MTV News has rounded up some of the most memorable prom-themed episodes that, if you have the time, you might want to check out before the McKinley students get their groove on. And, yes, it seems the art of the perfect prom episode really hit its stride back in the '90s, if you couldn't tell by our picks.

"Saved By The Bell," 1990

Zack made sure that nothing would allow Kelly to miss her prom. After her dad loses his job, Kelly sacrifices her dream of going to the school dance to save money. But Zack, being the dreamboat that he is, arranged a private prom for the couple, right outside the school. Their private dance is even more special since it was the first time they kissed in the show's history.

"Beverly Hills 90210," 1991

Well, it wasn't the prom, but it was the spring dance and it was filled with drama that included Brenda and Kelly both showing up in the same black, off-the-shoulder dress complete with bow detailing. Dra-ma indeed! The episode was particularly memorable because it also included Brenda getting it on for the first time with her boo, Dylan. That's a saucy way to deal with a fashion faux pas.

"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," 1993

It was a "very special episode" of the show that focused on Carlton accidentally popping speed pills that were in Cousin Will's locker. After getting a pimple, Carlton hopes that Vitamin E can help it shrink, but instead of taking vitamins he ends up amped up on drugs. He begins to act erratically at the dance, and winds up in the hospital. He tries to cover for Will, but Will does the right thing and fesses up.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer," 1999

Star-crossed lovers Buffy and her hottie vampire beau Angel ended their love affair for good right before prom, much to the Slayer's surprise. Bottom line, she's pretty upset about it. When Hell hounds trained to kill anyone in formal wear threaten the dance, dateless B decides to skip it to save everyone. Thrills and chills ensue and she saves the day, shows up to the dance in her lovely lavender gown, wins a prize for being Class Protector and — boom — Angel appears for one last dance.

"Dawson's Creek," 2000

Those enterprising kids of Capeside decided to stick it to the man by throwing an anti-prom, after Jack's decision to bring a male date to the dance gets shut down by the prom committee. From there, Dawson tries to win Joey back, but she still has Pacey on the brain (who could blame her?). And both Andie and Dawson are left all alone while their dates flaunt that undeniable love in everyone's faces during a slow dance.

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