Dianna Agron Promises 'Surprising Moments' At 'Glee' Prom

'This prom is very different from last year's,' actress tells MTV News.

"Glee" is gearing up for the senior prom. In the highly anticipated episode, the McKinley High School seniors will be dressing to the nines to celebrate the milestone night on Tuesday's (May 8) episode. With only three episodes left until the big season finale, this will surely be a night to remember before the seniors put on those caps and gowns for graduation.

No prom would be complete without a theme, and that's where Heather Morris' character Brittany came in. She picked the very unique theme of dinosaurs, making this not a regular prom but a "prom-asaurus."

"Glee" star Dianna Agron stopped by MTV News last month and gave us a sneak peek at what fans can expect from the big bash.

"We had Eric Stoltz back with us, who directed last year's — he's really fun and really knows teenage life. That prom episode last year really felt like 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Sixteen Candles' — it had that awesome touch to it," Agron said. "This prom is very different from last year's. It wasn't some of our last year, and there wasn't really that thought process like that this might be one of the last moments together, so that's all really incorporated in this year's. There's a fun theme to it; there's some really surprising moments. I think people will like it."

Even though there is a dinosaur theme, unfortunately no one will actually be playing that part, even though Agron said she "wishes" she could have. However, the actress is just excited to re-create prom night, which she admits was very different from her own prom experience.

"We went with all of our friends, so it wasn't really so much of 'let's have a romantic date.' There were about 25 of us who just said, 'OK pick somebody,' " Agron revealed. "And we all went in a bus and we all had dinner before. It was just really fun and a lot of dancing."

Another thing that will be different at the "Glee" prom, of course, is the music. The cast will appropriately be taking on Ke$ha's "Dinosaur." Lea Michele will be tackling Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" and the New Directions will be taking on One Direction with their cover of "What Makes You Beautiful."

"We met them when we were on 'X Factor,' like a year and a half ago in London," Agron said of meeting the boy band. "They were so sweet, so cute. They were very cheeky, and now I've heard two of their songs, very catchy."

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