Justin Bieber, Drake 'Going On The Same Journey'

'I'm able to tell him how to treat a lady,' Bieber jokes to MTV News about the MC.

Justin Bieber and Drake started bubbling to the top of the music-industry surface around the same time. While Drake had already had a career on the small screen on "Degrassi: The Next Generation," it was his rap game that would solidify him as an international star. Just as Drizzy was trying to carve out his path in the world of hip-hop several years ago, Bieber began posting videos on YouTube under the moniker KidRauhl.

Somewhere along the way, the two got famous and became besties. And now, as Bieber nears the June 19 release of his new album, Believe, he explained what it's like to traverse the sometimes murky waters of celebrity with his friend by his side.

"I mean, it's crazy because we both are kind of going on the same journey on different sides of the world," the pop star told MTV News. "I think it's so cool because we kind of both get what each other go through and he's able to give me different pieces of advice and I'm able to tell him how to treat a lady. I'm just kidding."

While both have gained tons of fame and fortune, back in 2009 the hype around these two Canadians was at a fevered pitch. Bieber was readying the release of his buzzy debut, My World, and Drake was dropping his star-making EP, So Far Gone.

While some have come and gone in the years since, the excitement hasn't quieted down around Bieber and Drake. In fact, as both performers gain more and more momentum in their careers, it seems their friendship has only grown stronger. For Bieber's next album, the pals decided to take their friendship to the next level with a collaboration.

"We talk about everything," Bieber said of their recording session. "He's a great guy and super-talented, and his melodies are crazy. When we go into the studio, he'll go in the booth and he'll do some melodies and we'll write. If I'm in the studio there's not really any time to mess around. It's always different, but always [there to] get the work done."

Bieber confirmed that the Drake collaboration definitely made the cut and that he's still working on getting already-recorded collaborations with romantic rival Kanye West, Usher and Taylor Swift on the album as well.