Justin Bieber Jokes Kanye West Is 'Taking My Women'

'She didn't even call me!' Bieber laughs to MTV News about onetime crush Kim Kardashian.

Justin Bieber recently hit the studio with Kanye West to get some Yeezy magic for his Believe album. While fans will have to wait until June 19 to hear what the pals cooked up in the studio, Bieber did tease what it's like to record with the MC.

"Just being in the studio with him, he's just so creative and everything he says, he means it, and he's just really smart," Bieber told MTV News on Thursday during the "MTV First" premiere of his "Boyfriend" video. "So I think it's always great to get into the studio with those people.

"Basically, he was just talking about going out of the box and doing things that are different," he continued. "And he's like, 'I want to just make you cool.' He wants to just basically do records that people wouldn't necessarily think I would do."

He added that West was incredibly kind to him while they worked together, never criticizing him, but instead giving him lots of props. "He never gave me advice on my rapping, but every rap record that I played him, he's like, 'Yo, that's your best one!' He's never said, 'I don't like that.' He's always been super supportive."

Recently 'Ye started dating reality starlet Kim Kardashian, who just so happens to be a former crush of Mr. Bieber's. So are there any hard feelings between the two pals over their shared romantic interests?

Bieber laughed that Kanye was "just taking my women," adding that Kardashian didn't even give JB the head's-up that she was seeing 'Ye. "She didn't even call me! It was crazy," Bieber joked.

Kanye addressed his feelings for Kim on the song "Way Too Cold" and Bieber is taking a page from the Yeezy book. He tackled his own tabloid drama on Believe, including last year's headline-making paternity scandal.

"I'm just talking about what's relevant in my life and different stories that have come out," he explained. "I've talked about that on my album: different situations that I've been in and things that I'm feeling. That's what I wanted to talk about. The whole baby situation, where they said I had her baby — totally not true by the way — [I] wrote a song about that, so that's on there. It's like my 'Billie Jean.'

"At the end of the day, I'm human," he added. "I want to talk about that. That's kind of what my whole motive is with this album."

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